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Brite-View Air SyncHD (BV-2322) Uncompressed 1080p Video/ Audio Wireless Transmission Kit Review

Brite-View Air SyncHD (BV-2322) Uncompressed 1080p Video/ Audio Wireless Transmission Kit Review

Brite-View Air SyncHD (BV-2322) Uncompressed 1080p Video/ Audio Wireless Transmission Kit Review

Brite-View has been consistently bringing out newer wireless HD solutions since last year and the Brite-View Air SyncHD BV2322 is yet another such product. It is a standard plug-n-play wireless HD transmission kit that comes in a receiver and transmission pair. This pair is meant more for wirelessly connecting home theater components but it can also be used with computers. It uses Amimon’s WHDI wireless HD transmission technology.

The kit comes complete with the receiver, the transmitter, two power adapters (one for each piece), an HDMI cable, a remote, two more cables for connecting other sources to the transmitter and receiver and some screws for mounting. It is good to see that Brite-View has thoughtfully included everything that the user might need to do a complete set up at home.

Both the transmitter and the receiver have alternative inputs so that you can set it up with multiple sources. The included remote helps you choose between them. The base station has an HDMI in port, where you can plug in something that is located close to your TV, like your cable box. And the transmitter you can use for sources that are situated far away from the TV, like game consoles and HTPC’s. If your PC or laptop has an HDMI out, you can easily connect it to the transmitter.

The BV2322 has a range of 100-feet at 1080i and 66-feet at 1080p. It supports 1080p@ 60hz and also 1080i @ WIDE mode. It comes with an IR remote for controlling it between the different modes and sources. It is a completely plug-n-play solution with no set up. You can also create loop-through connections whereby you can transmit the signal through wireless and wired connections. The only problem is that it requires line of sight and hence you will need to have an open line of space between the transmitter and the receiver. However, the long range makes it a perfect way to stream HD videos to the outdoors from the living room — for example to the pool side where a lot of people entertain their guests.

It has a 1ms delay, which makes it absolutely imperceptible and perfect for gaming. It supports HDMI 1.3, making for very smooth HD video performance. And since it is over HDMI, there’s no software to be installed anywhere. Since all the components come with the package, setup is quite simple.

Buyer reviews for the Air SyncHD BV-23322 are generally positive with most people very satisfied with the range and some have also had good results with multi-room and multi-level setups. There have even been full masonry walls between the transmission line. A lot of users have also used the transmitter with HDMI switchers and have had good results. Some of the problems with reception and jitters were fixed by repositioning the transmitter and the receiver. Overall, compared to some of the other kits, it is slightly more expensive but the image quality and the flexibility are worth it.

Warpia StreamHD Wireless PC to TV Full 1080P

Warpia StreamHD Wireless PC to TV Full 1080P

Warpia StreamHD Wireless PC to TV Full 1080P

The Warpia StreamHD is a WHDI based wireless HD transmission kit that is designed to work with PC’s. It consists of a base station style receiver and a transmitting dongle that plugs in to the USB port of a laptop or a desktop. The base station connects to the display via an HDMI port. This ensures that the receiver base will be able to connect to anything that accepts HDMI, including HD projectors and HDTV’s.

The receiver base also sports an S/PDIF port for full 5.1 digital surround sound and you can directly connect your home theatre system to it. If you are looking for plain stereo and do not have S/PDIF compatible audio devices, there’s also a 3.5mm stereo jack port. Warpia thus scores well on the audio connectors area where most comparable solutions tend to just leave it up to the HDMI out.

Since the StreamHD Wireless is a PC-based solution, it is as much at home in a boardroom as it is in a living room. The transceiver kit can easily be adopted in an office scenario where computers can easily be connected to HD projectors without the need to run cables through the length of the room.

This kit has a standard 30 feet range with a line-of-sight requirement. That means the transmitter has to be able to ‘see’ the receiver base in order to transmit a proper signal. There cannot be anything blocking the transmitter completely from the receiver, like walls or furniture.

However, once you have a clear line of transmission, the image quality is crisp and true HD. This kit supports full 1080p HD with a native resolution support of 1920×1280 pixels. Customers report an inconsistent experience when it comes to lag. There are reports of some online services having minimal lag and other having some noticeable lag. Skype performance seems to be consistent throughout with a slight drop in call quality but otherwise stable performance.

This kit plugs in to your PC and behaves as a standard external display for your computer. Hence, you can either mirror your desktop or extend it to make more screen space. For most home entertainment purposes, a mirrored set up would do. However, an extended screen would allow the user to work on something else while the extended area was occupied with something else.

This kit is a good option for watching high-resolution images, online videos and local media files on your HDTV or HD projector. However, this kit cannot support Blu-Ray movies played on your computer. Another point to keep in mind is that this kit supports only Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. There is no proper Mac OS support as of yet but some of Warpia’s other kits have beta versions of Mac drivers.

The StreamHD has received a fairly good line of customer reviews on Amazon and other places. Most professional reviewers have also rated it well. The only caveats are the minor lags in specific applications and the line of sight requirement.

RocketfishTM – 4-Port Wireless HD Kit Rf-whd200 Review

RocketfishTM - 4-Port Wireless HD Kit Rf-whd200

The RocketfishTM - 4-Port Wireless HD Kit Rf-whd200

The RocketfishTM – 4-Port Wireless HD Kit Rf-whd200 is a wirelessHD transmitter-receiver kit that gets the job done with minimal or no hassle. The instructions are simple and the steps are more or less self explanatory. You connect the transmitter to your HD source. And then you connect the receiver to your HD output (TV or Projector) and then you switch the system on and voila! It works.

One of the main plus points of this specific model is that it supports 4 different inputs on the transmitter. So you can connect your PS3/Xbox, your cable box and more and then switch between the inputs quite easily. The bundled remote works well for all things except for the little problem that it is a bit too small in the hand. One way out of this is to program all the signals in to an universal remote and then enjoy switching back and forth between your cable and movies and games and other things.

Coming to the image quality, there’s nothing to complain about. The transmitted signal carries a full HD video signal to the TV/Projector. Sound is crisp and clear. You are unlikely to find any difference between the quality on the Rocketfish kit and actually running an HDMI cable all the way. Resolution changes will take a few seconds to execute but then that is expected to happen. So overall, performance is exactly what is says in the box. It does what it is supposed to do with no jitters or drop in quality. And it comes with its own connecting cables, which are quite good.

The Rocketfish HD kit transmits a 6GHz signal, which is a blessing for those running dual-band routers and that is an increasing number of people. It does not interfere with either of the bands and runs above the 5Ghz upper band of the router. It also does not require line of sight and works well through furniture and dry walls.

For under a $150 (online), the RocketfishTM – 4-Port Wireless HD Kit Rf-whd200 is quite the package. Recommended for anyone who wants get rid unwieldily wires from the home setup.

GefenTV Wireless for HDMI 60 GHz Review

The GefenTV Wireless for HDMI 60 GHz is a wireless transceiver kit for connecting a HDMI source to a HDMI compatible output unit. With several other similar HDMI wireless transceiver kits in the market, GefenTV tries to stand out with its high-end quality and it certainly has the look for it too. The GTV-WIRELESSHD also separates itself from the competition when it comes to the price. At over $700, it is definitely not a casual investment. However, if you are serious about your home theater set up and really want  it to be wireless without any compromise on the quality of both audio and video.

The GefenTV’s biggest advantage, in my opinion, is its ability to stream uncompressed HDMI 1.3 audio and video over 30 feet in any direction. And it can also maintain resolutions of up to 1080p60, which is commendable. It supports up to 8 channels of 24bit@192Khz LPCM audio — as an audiophile I find that quite impressive. It is enough to win me over. Another good thing about it is that the firmware is upgradeable via the built-in RS-232 port. So there aren’t that many hoops to jump through and it is definitely preferable over no upgrades at all. Because this is a first generation device, you can rest assured that you will see some upgrades coming downstream soon. One more feature that I like is that it is HDCP compliant, making sure that you can stream all the HD content that you have, including the protected ones.

Other than the core features, you have an LED array to indicate operational status. Also, it has a 36-antenna array, much like some of the newer routers in the market. Thanks to this, there’s a steady signal and no drops or disconnections.

The GefenTV Wireless for HDMI 60 GHz is going for $719 on Amazon right now.

Cables To Go 29670 TruLink 1-Port 60 GHz WirelessHD Video Transmitter and Receiver Kit (Black) Review

The Cables To Go 29670 TruLink 1-Port 60 GHz WirelessHD Video Transmitter and Receiver Kit is a WirelessHD based wireless transceiver kit for your home. It works primarily through HDMI connections. It works on the 60GHz bandwidth and supports a distance of up to 10 meters or 33 feet. However, your mileage will vary depending on the set up of your room. Under ideal circumstances, it can actually go further than the given limit.

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