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Enjoy Black Friday Deals PlayStation 4 Bundles at Amazon!

The PlayStation 4 offers a phenomenal journey towards the whole gaming community or the so-called gaming worlds.  It has developed over 180 games.  Amazon has prepared a Black Friday deals PlayStation 4.  It is the bundle of Little Big Planet 3 and Lego Batman 3.

The Little Big Planet is considered as one of PlayStation’s most imaginative franchise.  There are a lot of new characters.  It gives you the avenue to exercise your creative muscles to put into action your own imagination.  The bundle includes the Lego Batman 3 – Beyond Gotham Game Disc, which is now has more action-packed adventure.  Amazon provides free shipping at $461.96.  Continue to deepen your gaming experience with the PlayStation gift cards and PlayStation Plus.


Another Black Friday Deals PlayStation 4 offering is the 1TB Console and customized wireless controller of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.  The 1TB of PS4 has more or higher memory capacity and on the other hand, the Call of Duty: Black Ops III incorporated the three game modes such as Zombies, Campaign and Multiplayer.  This is one of the best area for you to explore or immerse yourself into a new system of Black Ops.

With this, you also continue to share epic moments with just a press of the share button.  You can also stream movies, music and sports.  The bundle includes mono wired headset, ac power cable, and a digital voucher of the Nuk3town Bonus map.  Additional storage will be required depending on the features and updates.  This bundle is priced at $429.99 with free shipping.  Gift wrapping is also available.

The last but not the least of Black Friday Deals PlayStation 4 bundle is the 500GB console and Star Wars battlefront bundle.  It is priced at $349.00 with free shipping already.  If you are one of those who pre-ordered the Star Wars Battlefront, then you are one those lucky players able to experience the Battle of Jakku.

Black Friday Deals Kinect Xbox

Kinect Xbox is a video game console produced by the gadget giant Microsoft. It is a video game console that enables users to interact and control their computer or console without the need of a game controller. What they instead use are spoken commands and gestures through a natural user interface via an add-on web-cam  peripheral. It is a well-loved and sought after video game console, so if you are looking to own one, then now is the ripe time to take advantage of the Black Friday Deals Kinect Xbox. Check out these deals from Amazon!

Xbox One Kinect Sensor with Dance Central Spotlight

With Kinect for Xbox One, you are reaping the benefits of greater control and convenience. Explore the marvels of broadcast gameplay live with picture-in-picture with the aid of Twitch Xbox One app. With a regular price tag of $149.99, it currently sells on Amazon for $99 with free shipping—all thanks to Black Friday Deals Kinect Xbox. As an added freebie, included in the box is a token for a full-game download of Dance Central Spotlight.

Xbox One 500GB Console Bundle

If you are looking for a top of the line gaming experience, then look no further than the Xbox One 500GB Console. It features a host of top of the line armaments to fulfill your gaming dreams like: Xbox One Kinect sensor, 500GB internal memory Xbox One console with an HDMI cable, AC power cable, 14-day free trial of Xbox Live Gold, and Xbox One 1 wireless controller. Also included in the cost are full-game digital downloads of zoo tycoon, Kinect sports rivals, and dance central spotlight. This whole Black Friday Deals Kinect Xbox bundle now sells for only $467.89 with free shipping—that’s a 6% off from its regular price. There are also used Kinect Xbox bundles sold at Amazon that average for $417.

Best Black Friday Surface Deals

Black Friday refers to the day following the Thanksgiving Day in the US. This also marks the start of the Christmas as you can get the best deals of different products and gadgets including Surface tablets. You can find best Black Friday Surface deals for tablets during this day.

Black Friday sells a variety of Surface tablets and on normal days, Surface tablets are considered very expensive (e.g., see Microsoft Surface Pro 4because they have features that make them better than ordinary tablets and laptops. They feature a faster processor than average laptops. They also have convenient features of the tablet computers. When it comes to resolution and speed, they offer better image and video qualities without any time lags. These are the reasons why the price of Surface tablets can range between $800 and $3,000.

Black Friday is the best time of the year to get a significant slash on the price of Surface items.  For instance, you can get a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with a $200 discount from its original price of $899.

Other Surface tablets are usually sold with 50% discount during the best Black Friday Surface deals.

There are many places where you can get Surface tablets, but if you want the best Black Friday Surface deals, then buying them from Amazon is your best option. Amazon is known to slash huge discounts of their gadgets including Surface tablets. For instance, the Microsoft Surface 2 at 32GB has a retail price of $499, but the company will slash 39% of the original price this Friday thus you only need to pay $273. Shipping fee will be shouldered by Amazon, thus you can save a lot of money from your purchase. The thing is that you won’t really get this great deal from other stores.

Black Friday Samsung Galaxy Note Deals

Despite the fact that the Galaxy Note is a predecessor of today’s flagship Samsung smartphones, it’s still popular among current customers.
The reasons of the popularity of Samsung Galaxy Note we’ll discuss in this Samsung Galaxy Note review. Black Friday offers deals on different models of Galaxy Note devices, and this also concerns the Galaxy Note smartphone.

The main technical specifications of the Galaxy Note are the following:
Display: 5.3”, 1280 x 800 pixels resolution, WXVGA HD Super AMOLED, 16 million colors, touch screen.
Operating system: Android (Gingerbread 2.3, but they say Samsung plans to launch Android Ice Cream Sandwich to the Galaxy Note in the first quarter of 2012).
Processor: 1GHz dual-core.
Camera: 8MP autofocus (3264 x 2448 pixels), LED flash, 4x zoom, 2 MP front-facing camera; HD 1080 p video recording (30 fps).
Memory: up to 16 GB internal and up to 32 GB expandable memory.
Wireless technology: 4G LTE enabled where available.
Battery: 2500 mAh with up to 10 hours talk time and up to 10.4 days standby time.
Dimensions: 5.78 x 3.27 x 0.38 inches.
Weight: 6.45 oz.
Colors: carbon blue, ceramic white.
Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note costs $229.99 instead of the initial price of $684 on Amazon in 2012. The Samsung Galaxy Note has already gained 357 customer reviews.

Samsung Galaxy NoteAmong the the pros and cons of Samsung Galaxy Note are the following:
– Portability as of its light weight as compared with any tablet. So you don’t need to carry both a tablet and a smartphone with you if you need to carry a tablet with.
– Good battery capacity and life as compared with tablets, netbooks or notebooks.
– Pixel density of 1280 x 800 is quite good to see the most parts of Internet pages as a whole page. It also has HDMI output to watch movies on a remote desktop.
– GNote is a still phone, not a tablet, and you can call and send instant messages with it easily.
– 8 MP camera shots good quality pictures.
– The phone includes a pen input. S-pen is used to write notes in a calendar or other notes.
– For some people the smartphone may seem slightly bulky to speak into, but this model is no.
– Some customers would add flashing lights to notify of new push messages received.
– The 5.3” screen is not the best one to surf the Internet for long hours.

In general, the Samsung Galaxy Note review shows more pros than cons for this new phone/tablet device. Of course, the newer device is, more advanced technical specifications become, but this smartphone is good for everyday use with not so high price in the relevant product category.

Black Friday Kindle Fire Kids Edition

Amazon drops the price for Fire Kids Edition from $99.99 to $84.99. It is right time to buy a good gift for your kid. Here are the main advantages of Fire Kids Edition:

  1. A year subscription to FreeTime; it’s a huge library of age appropriate videos, books and games (You can get a year subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited for $2.99 per month if you have Prime or $4.99 without it);
  2. A two year replacement policy with no question from Amazon;
  3. Well done parents control – you can limit your kid for watching cartoons for 1 hour per day, but unlimit reading expirience. Also you can shut down the device, e.g., at 9 pm;
  4. Good quality – it weighs only 406g with the snug fit cover;
  5. Comfortable speed for web and affordable video quality in games;
  6. Clear, bright and colorful screen which could be looked at almost any angle;
  7. Good quality of sound despite of the build-in mono speaker;
  8. The front and rear cameras are good enough. You can  use this device for skype and other apps;
  9. Real live battery is 6 hours and half of that is quite enough.

Of course, there are some disadvantages. For example, you cannot use Kindle Fire in bright sunlight. Or with the resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels it will be difficult to read small text. But in the same time if you want to read books on a device in bright sunlight you should choose an e-reader with e-paper (Kindle Paperwhite for example). And mostly all books for kids have big letters, so they will not feel uncomfortable while reading.

Another point that one should take into account is that Kindle works only with apps downloaded from Amazon App store. You cannot run apps from Google or Apple. That means you have to buy some apps twice – if you have it on your phone it does not mean that you have it on your Kindle. But good news is that as per Amazon marketing strategy you can take many “paid for” applications on Google and Apple ecosystem for your Kindle for free.

In conclusion: Fire Kids Edition is a good choice. Of course, you can find a better tablet (with a bigger screen, better hardware and so on), but it will be more expensive and without bonus from Amazon: a year subscription to FreeTime, a two year replacement policy and well done parents control.

Limits others talks on your Facebook News Feed

Breaking up is hard enough without having to see your ex’s newfound happiness flung in your face every time you log on to Facebook. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to unfriend or block your ex. There should be some middle ground.

Today, Facebook says it will begin to experiment with new tools that will help people better manage these complicated relationships. The tools will be designed to give users the option to digitally distance themselves from their former loved ones without having to take drastic measures.

According to the company, Facebook will now prompt users to try the new tools when they change their relationship status on the social network. Afterward, they’ll be shown the option to “see less” from that person, as well as limit what that person sees from you. You’ll also be able to make changes to past posts and photos.

The idea is to give the two parties some space, in the virtual sense, following their breakup.

With one of the new options, you’ll be able to tell Facebook they would like to see less of the person in question – meaning you won’t see the person’s posts in your News Feed, and you won’t be prompted through auto-suggestions to message them or tag them in photos. Before, all Facebook would do was keep an ex from showing up in its sidebar “Photo Memories” module, which was nice, but far from enough.

Your ex will never be notified you’re making these changes, either. That’s a big plus given that it’s a lot easier to deduce if you’ve been unfriended or blocked these days, which can take an awkward situation and make it even worse.

In addition to disappearing an ex’s name and posts from your News Feed, you can also limit what your ex can see from you, says Facebook. On another screen, you can choose to maintain your current privacy settings, or you can choose to hide your posts from the person in question.

That means the ex would only see the posts you’ve explicitly tagged them in, those you’ve shared publicly, or those shared on mutual friends’ Timelines. This option also limits their ability to see some of the posts you’re tagged in, as well, even when those weren’t items you posted.

Finally, in what feels like the digital equivalent of burning old photographs and love notes, Facebook will now let you go back through your previous posts and adjust the privacy associated with each or untag yourself from them.

First date? Bam, gone. Weekend getaway? No more. Valentine’s dinner? Vanished. It’s almost like you can pretend it never happened. And frankly, going through the process of untagging and adjusting the privacy could be quite cathartic.

You can make these adjustments on an individual basis or in bulk. That means you can make the posts visible only to those people who are tagged in them, says Facebook.

This latter option could also help you adjust the privacy of posts and photos after a breakup but before you befriend a new flame. That’s useful, too, as you know they will, naturally, scour through all your old photos as they Facebook-stalk you for the first time.

If you’ve already broken up with someone and have adjusted your Facebook status accordingly, you can still go back and use these tools, says Facebook – they’ll be available from the Help Center at any time.

The tools are rolling out now in the U.S. on mobile only and are optional. Facebook may make further adjustments before launching them to its wider user base.

Though obviously the emphasis here is on dealing with the fallout of failed romantic relationships, these kind of tools that guide you through the process of making privacy changes to better reflect your real-world relationships would be welcome in other areas of our digital lives, as well. For example, by making sure grandparents didn’t see your wild parties, or that casual acquaintances couldn’t see so deeply into your life.

But for now, the option to “Facebook breakup” is sure to be welcomed by those who want some space, but aren’t ready to ban their ex from their digital life so forcefully or permanently.

Daily deal: Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi E-Reader £89.00

The Kindle Paperwhite is currently listed at £89.00 on the Curry’s website with a huge saving of £21.99.  With the Kindle Paperwhite you get a device that measure 117 x 169 mm and is over 9mm thick.  The device has a rubberised finish that gives it a comfortable level of friction on holding.  The device weighs 206g and makes for a great reading experience. You will also get a 6” screen with 212 PPI display to read your books.

One of the brilliant feature of the Kindle Paperwhite is the backlight which manages to not have the blooming edges of the screen that most backlit devices have.  The device is designed in such a way that light is projected onto the screen rather than onto your face, which dramatically reduces the eyestrain when you just can’t put a book down.

This version is available with 802.11 b/g/n business-as-usual wireless, and a version 3G is available if you are looking for that level of connectivity.

Amazon’s Kindle and Fire Tablets Sales on Black Friday

Amazon’s black Friday sales of Fire Tablets were three times what they were last year, while the e-readers of Kindle were up four times last year’s number.  This number is however, only taken into account sales only on amazon’s own site.

Amazon SVP of Devices Dave Limp said in a statement “This holiday there are going to be a lot of customers opening up new Amazon Devices.   We’re energized by the year over year growth of tablet and e-reader Black Friday sales on, plus the success of the new product categories that were launched”.

Amazon’s Black Friday sales of Kindle were likely spurred by the company’s move to slash the prices. The Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Fire HD 6 and Fire HCD 7 all saw the discounts of $20-30 for the weekend.  The price of the Fire Phone was also cut by Amazon to $199 for an unlocked unit, but the company has not disclosed if that discount has sparked the sales of the otherwise lagging device.

Amazon also offered a new sale exclusively for Monday: Its Fire TV set-top box at $69, down from its normal price of $100.

Cyber Monday Kindle Voyage Deals

Now this is what we call a perfect voyage. Just start the journey and you will never get tired and will continue the journey forever. It is the perfect virtual book. You can effortlessly turn the pages and the screen gives the effect of a smooth paper. Just apply a little pressure on the bezel and turn the page. You don’t even have to lift your finger. The Kindle Voyage has a very high resolution of 300 PPI. The images are sharp and bright. The anti-glare screen technology prevents your eyes from getting strained. You can therefore enjoy hours together in reading without having to bother about the health of your eyes.

The brightness of the screen adjusts itself according to the lighting in the environment. You can read effortlessly in both darkness and bright sunlight. Kindle voyage is remarkably sleek with only 7.6 mm thickness. It is stylish and at the same time, durable. You can flip through the pages without losing your place, take notes and read the content by holding the kindle voyage in one hand. You can also translate the text into any other language like Spanish, Japanese and many other languages. You can create library of your own with your favourite titles and carry all of them in a single package called Kindle Voyage whenever you go out.

Cyber Monday Kindle Fire HD Deals for Kids

What I like the most in Kindle Fire HD for kids is that it is a device with which the kids can play and learn as well. This is specially designed for kids where the kids can see only those titles that they have access to. The font colours and size keep changing to please the kids. The home screen shows the most recently accessed titles. The visual navigation feature also enables the kids to navigate through the content based on the characters or topics like ‘Doremon’, ‘Barbie’, ‘Cinderella’ etc.

You can also access location based services via Wi-Fi. Fire HD for kids comes with two cameras; a VGA camera in the front and a rear camera of 2MP. Children will really enjoy the audio visual grandeur offered by this product. The HD display gives a very good vivid picture along with state of the art technology of Dolby Stereo. The Dolby Technology used in this product gives a virtual surround effect to the kids and they will really enjoy it. This product has a lot of books, apps and videos which will be instrumental in educating the kids as well as entertain them. The kid proof case is for kids who are rough. Even if the product is damaged deliberately by the kid, you get a replacement without having to give any explanation.