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Black Friday TV Deals Online

Black Friday sale is the most awaited sale of the year wherein people can shop virtually anything at discounted prices. One of the most sought-after items during this day is the TV. In fact, millions of people try to upgrade their television sets every Black Friday sale as there are many retail stores that offer great TV deals during this day.

However, the problem during Black Friday sale is that you have to compete with a lot of people just to get the things that you want. Aside from the hassle of going in and out of the store to find the best deals, you might also encounter problems like difficulty in bringing boxes of your purchased items.  If you want to go shopping today, make sure that you look for great Amazon Black Friday TV deals online.

Online shopping has also picked the bandwagon of joining the Black Friday sale and one of the stores where you can get wide variety of TVs is at Amazon. Amazon is the largest online retail store in the world and it sells different products from clothing to electronic devices.

One of the popular TV sets on Amazon: Sony 70-Inch 1080p 3D Smart LED TV

Checking Amazon for Black Friday TV deals online is a great thing to do. You can get different sizes of televisions and accessories to improve your viewing experience. The price of the televisions sold in Amazon also range between $200 and $2,000 depending on the brand, size, resolution and features.  Now during the Black Friday sale, you will be able to get discounted price of your purchase by as much as 30 percent.

So whether you are looking for a 50-inch Samsung TV deal or a 70-inch Sony TV, make  sure to check the Black Friday TV deals online so that you can have a lot of choices. Once you’re done ordering, Amazon will send it to your place thus you can avoid the hassle of the shopping rush.

Black Friday Deals Kindle HDX!

The Kindle HDX is also known as Fire HDX or Kindle Fire HDX. It is the third generation of tablet computers of Amazon’s Kindle Fire series. It is sold in the market with two screen options of 8.9-inches and 7-inches. Both the different sized Kindle HDX boasts of an Adreno 420 GPU and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor. So, here is your quick list of Black Friday Deals Kindle HDX.

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9-inch Refurbished. If you are looking for a really good deal then a refurbished Fire HDX is a good choice. When you say refurbished, it means that this gadget has been previously returned to a vendor or manufacturer for different reasons. And before it is returned back to the market, it is rigorously tested for defects and functionality.

This Black Friday Deals Kindle HDX costs for only $219 with free shipping—that’s a whopping 35% discount.

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9-inch Brand New. Amazon also offers a deal for brand new Kindle HDX. This Kindle being sold at Amazon possesses 16 GB internal memory, Wi-Fi, HDX display, front facing HD camera, 8 mega-pixel camera with LED flash, and a Mayday button that directly connects you to an on-device tech support. This Black Friday Deals Kindle HDX is currently tagged at a 6% off for only $329.99 with free shipping. One good deal that you should avail if you have an Amazon credit card is to enjoy their 5-month installment plan at 0% interest for only $66 a month.

There are also a lot of other Kindle HDX currently being offered online. There are used Kindle Fire HDX being sold for as low as $120 plus shipping fee. The important thing when buying a used Kindle HDX is to check the quality of the item and what is included. It is also best to contact the seller for reasons why they are selling the gadget—specifically ask if the item is damaged. Have fun with your Black Friday deals discount!

Black Friday Kindle Voyage Deal on Amazon!

The name Kindle is directly connected with the term “e-reader.” It is one of the most prominent Amazon products.  It is considered as one of the leading and trailblazing e-Readers, as a matter of fact Kindle has been branded as the iPod of e-readers.  So, check out the Black Friday Kindle Voyage deal featured in Amazon.

There are three different Kindle models currently being offered and these are the original Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Voyage. The Kindle Voyage has 6-inch high resolution display with 300 pixel enabling you to read just like the printed page and new adaptive built-in light.  In order to have a full grasp of the idea of an adaptive built-in light, Amazon explained that with this feature, the light automatically adjusts the brightness of the display based on the environment and can even be fine-tuned depending on your personal preferences.  The adaptive form of light also lowers the display’s brightness to cater to the way the eye responds to darkness.

Kindle Voyage, 6″

The additional features of the Black Friday Kindle Voyage deal are its page-press which allows the turning of pages even without the use of your finger.  All you need to do is just press or apply pressure on the bezel in order for the page to turn.  It is considered as the thinnest among all the Kindle models since it is just 7.6mm thin.  Moreover, it does not require a compute to download content as part of its system requirements. It can actually store for about one thousand books.  What is great about the Kindle Voyage 6-inch high resolution display is that, it has free cloud storage for all Amazon content.

The Black Friday Kindle Voyage deal boasts of a 6″ High-Resolution Display with Adaptive Built-in Light, page-press sensors and with Wi-Fi costs only $199.99 with free shipping.  A gift-wrapping option is also available at Amazon during purchase.

Black Friday Kinect Games Deals For 2015

Black Friday Sale is just around the corner and if you haven’t decided which gadget to get for your loved ones, then you should check out the Black Friday Kinect games deals.  Kinect is a line of motion-sensing input devices for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox One game consoles. It allows the players to control as well as interact with their console without the need for conventional game controllers using spoken commands and gestures.

If you haven’t made a switch to Xbox One or Xbox 360 yet, then the Black Friday Sale will surely make you want to make the switch. Prices of the Xbox game consoles as well as the Kinect games will be available at lower prices than before.  Games like:

The Adventures of Tintin

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked;

Big League Sports,

Binary Domain,

Dance Central,

Dance Evolution

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and hundreds more  will be discounted of up to 60 percent off.

If you are an Xbox One or 360 owners, you can enjoy more titles this year for more than half the price on regular days. Different stores sell different Xbox Kinect games this Black Friday (November 26) until Monday (November 30) so be sure to buy game bundles for your family. And what better way to get the best Black Friday Kinect games deals is to check out Amazon.

Amazon provides exciting offers to clients starting with 50% off on most of the Kinect games.

Moreover, they also provide a free game to every purchase of Xbox One game console. To improve your gaming experience, they will also provide discounted prices on gaming headsets as well as free discount  coupons for the NBA 2K16 Michael Jordan Special Edition. This year’s Black Friday Kinect games deals will be the best for this year.


Black Friday Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Deal

The Black Friday Kindle fire HDX 8.9 deal is already here! If you have been coveting this tablet for some time, then now is a good time to snap up the Black Friday deals that Amazon offers for this wonderful gadget. Its market price is $479.99, but because of Black Friday deals, you can snap up this top of the line Kindle gadget at a $50 markdown—so, that’s $429.99 for you. And if you are an Amazon card holder, you can make 5 monthly installments bringing your upfront pocket expenses down to only $86 per month, sweet isn’t it?

If you are still undecided on what type of Kindle gadget that’s perfect for your needs, then let us help you make an informed decision.

Black Friday Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Deal Specifications

The Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 is amazingly light packed with all its exciting and desirable features—it seems just a wee bit impossible, but it’s real! It is very well-engineered with optimized buttons, clean lines, and a small bezel for an increased user interface and usability. Aside from its enviable usability it also packs a huge punch when it comes to fastness with its quad-core 2.5 GHz processor. Of course, a gaming and video streaming device like the Fire HDX 8.9 is not complete without a Dolby Atmos exceptional stereo surround and an Adreno 420 graphics processor. All these combined gives you an ultra-responsive and smoothly running tablet even with the use of advanced apps and graphic sensitive games.


This Black Friday Kindle fire HDX 8.9 deal packs a lot of features in such a small frame. Its HDX display is highly coveted by many people, because it has the best pixel density and boasts of perfect color that it can display videos and images exactly as the videographer or photographer envisioned.

Black Friday Kindle Prices – Compare the difference

If you are one of those savvy buyers who always want to snag the cheapest gadgets, then here is your opportunity to easily check out the various Black Friday Kindle prices. With the dozens of Kindle models available online, it can be a headache checking each and every one of them and comparing their prices. Let’s compare the various Kindle prices that Amazon currently offers. There are also other Black Friday Kindle deals for devices not presented here. Check the latest discount for the models you like the most.

Black Friday Kindle prices: $34.99 – $49

  • Kindle 6” Glare Free Touchscreen Display – this is the perfect Kindle gadget for readers. Its normal retail price is $79.99, but because of Amazon’s Black Friday Deals Week the price fell down to a whopping $49. Also offered a 5-month 0% interest installment plan, so that’s just a $10 monthly payment.
  • Fire 7” Display Tablet – this is a really huge steal for a Kindle tablet. Current deal price is $34.99 with free shipping all over the USA. This specific Kindle has an 8GB internal storage, but storage can be expanded with the use of a microSD card.

Black Friday Kindle prices: $75 – $150

Grab yours now because these sure won’t last long.



  • Fire 6″ HD Display – this Kindle gadget offers an 8GB internal memory and Wi-Fi at only $99.99 with free shipping too. You can also avail of the 5-month 0% interest installment plan for this gadget too. There are more than 22,800 positive customer reviews for this device with the average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 available.



Black Friday Kindle prices: $200 and above

  • Fire HD 10 – sporting a 10.1″ HD Display, 16GB internal memory, and Wi-Fi for only $229.99. For lighter payments, avail of Amazon’s 5-month 0% interest payment plan for only $46 monthly payments.

Black Friday Samsung Galaxy Note Deals

Despite the fact that the Galaxy Note is a predecessor of today’s flagship Samsung smartphones, it’s still popular among current customers.
The reasons of the popularity of Samsung Galaxy Note we’ll discuss in this Samsung Galaxy Note review. Black Friday offers deals on different models of Galaxy Note devices, and this also concerns the Galaxy Note smartphone.

The main technical specifications of the Galaxy Note are the following:
Display: 5.3”, 1280 x 800 pixels resolution, WXVGA HD Super AMOLED, 16 million colors, touch screen.
Operating system: Android (Gingerbread 2.3, but they say Samsung plans to launch Android Ice Cream Sandwich to the Galaxy Note in the first quarter of 2012).
Processor: 1GHz dual-core.
Camera: 8MP autofocus (3264 x 2448 pixels), LED flash, 4x zoom, 2 MP front-facing camera; HD 1080 p video recording (30 fps).
Memory: up to 16 GB internal and up to 32 GB expandable memory.
Wireless technology: 4G LTE enabled where available.
Battery: 2500 mAh with up to 10 hours talk time and up to 10.4 days standby time.
Dimensions: 5.78 x 3.27 x 0.38 inches.
Weight: 6.45 oz.
Colors: carbon blue, ceramic white.
Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note costs $229.99 instead of the initial price of $684 on Amazon in 2012. The Samsung Galaxy Note has already gained 357 customer reviews.

Samsung Galaxy NoteAmong the the pros and cons of Samsung Galaxy Note are the following:
– Portability as of its light weight as compared with any tablet. So you don’t need to carry both a tablet and a smartphone with you if you need to carry a tablet with.
– Good battery capacity and life as compared with tablets, netbooks or notebooks.
– Pixel density of 1280 x 800 is quite good to see the most parts of Internet pages as a whole page. It also has HDMI output to watch movies on a remote desktop.
– GNote is a still phone, not a tablet, and you can call and send instant messages with it easily.
– 8 MP camera shots good quality pictures.
– The phone includes a pen input. S-pen is used to write notes in a calendar or other notes.
– For some people the smartphone may seem slightly bulky to speak into, but this model is no.
– Some customers would add flashing lights to notify of new push messages received.
– The 5.3” screen is not the best one to surf the Internet for long hours.

In general, the Samsung Galaxy Note review shows more pros than cons for this new phone/tablet device. Of course, the newer device is, more advanced technical specifications become, but this smartphone is good for everyday use with not so high price in the relevant product category.

Android leads the Competition in Mobiles as Of Now

Google’s Android OS is continuing to dominate the market and is snubbing the growth rate of Apple and Blackberry phones.  IDC, a research firm found that Apple’s global share went down to as low as 13.2% while that of Android run phones rose to 79.3%. The jump is also not very good for Blackberry whose software share accounted only for 2.9% compared to 4.9% last year.

The best profiteer of Android’s success has been Samsung. Android has helped Samsung to become the number one smartphone maker and seller. In fact, Samsung smart phones are selling in record numbers in the U.S. The OS, developed by Google, has also helped companies like Lenovo and Huawei strengthen their presence.

Google, On the other hand uses the Android OS to make money through advertising. All in all, it becomes a win-win situation for both Google as well as the Smartphone maker using Android technology.

So, what does Android hold for us in the near future.

Well, the smartphone Industry is pegged to be worth more than $210 billion  with the competition becoming much more intense. Last year, both Apple and Samsung fought out each other in the U.S courts regarding copyrights and patent infringement. With features like GPS and internet widely accessed by the populace today through their smartphones, it does seem that Android will be the popular choice for people in the next few years to come. Of course, Windows phones launched by Nokia have become a success lately, however it pales in comparison to other Android devices.

According to recent statistics, the number of Android users have seen an exponential growth in the last few years – like the fad for website designs for mobiles has increased. Apple’s iPhones, on the other hand, are costly and deliver less, according to experts. More importantly, Apple’s recent decisions since the demise of Jobs have not gone down very well with its loyal base. One instance being the launch of iPad 4, within 6 months from the release of iPad 3. The other, of course being, Apple’s u-turn when they said they will never release a smaller device like the Kindle Fire as it won’t have a viable demand and eventually releasing the iPad Mini, forced by the great market demand for such devices.

Google Glass will Not Recognize Faces Yet

            In answer to privacy concerns, Google has promised that it will not endorse any apps for its new Glass that have facial recognition. According to an anonymous Google spokesperson, this decision will be in effect until strong privacy controls will be developed.

            The privacy issue of facial recognition was in the focus of some recent debates, some people expressing interest towards it, but many more expressing concern at the possible misuses of such technology. This is in line with other privacy issues addressed to the tech giant, not limited, but quite strongly focused on its new Glass. Many people already felt uncomfortable with a device that could be constantly recording all what its owner can see, completely changing the rules in protecting citizen’s privacy.

One of the most important applications of such software could be advertising, the field where Google is strongest. With such technology it would be possible to make signs that can recognise who walks past them and show them targeted advertising. While being identified as, let’s say, a middle aged woman might not be too bothering yet, being identified by name and all available personal information could be quite a serious issue.

While Google’s decision is quite reassuring, it cannot be forgotten that there are other competitors who can tap into this possibility without moral concern. With the spread of Glass the apps will also become more diverse and people may also misuse the possibilities on their own.

Such issues will be more and more in the focus with the spread of technology, and society will have to find a solution that works. But for now, we can leave anxiety aside.

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Office 2013 Finally Available For Free Download And Preview

Just when everybody was getting impatient to see what was becoming of the latest Office (code named Office 15), Microsoft decided to release the app suite for an official Public Preview. Called Office 2013, we first caught glimpses of it during a presentation that showed how Excel would look running on an ARM tablet. And a few quick snaps was all the information we had up until now. Office 2013 became available on Monday and we have gone hands on with the entire suite.


Microsoft has worked hard to make Windows RT a good case for replacing laptops and tablets and Office 2013’s touch abilities will go a long way in to making that claim more solid and appealing to the working masses. Office 2013 is really tablet and touch friendly.

And if you didn’t anticipate it — it is all about cloud integration from this version onwards. Cloud syncing, sharing and syncing of all custom preferences and sharing. SkyDrive naturally is at the fore front here, as all the syncing and sharing is done via the proprietary cloud from Microsoft just like the rest of Windows 8.

Click here to read original Office 2013 review.


If you have worked on any of the latest versions of Office, you will be comfortable working on Office 2013. The interface has remained quite the same, with the ribbon UI intact and well. It is hidden by default but then you can change that whenever you want.

Office 2013 also displays your account name and photo wherever you are in the app. This serves the dual purpose of confirming that you are indeed logged in and syncing to your account and to show you that you are logged in to the right account or that you need to log in to your own account. Since it is all cloud based now, it is important that you sync everything to one single account.



Office 2013 is the same at first glance but then you can easily change it to become touch friendly by switching on the Touch Mode. There’s a button that looks like a circle with a dot in the middle, which can be found under the downward arrow on the upper left corner. This is the same control that toggles your hidden icons. Once you trigger touch mode, not much happens. Things just space out a bit to make way for a finger driven control set up. The UI becomes somewhat flatter and menus especially so, just so that it is easier to navigate through. You will not see sudden bits of Metro appearing all over the UI. It prevents you from getting disoriented and helps you maintain your workflow even after transitioning in to Touch Mode.

Office 2013 cloud sync

Office 2013 cloud sync


The Cloud

Microsoft has been all about integrating things in to the cloud of late and Office 2013 is no different. Just like Windows 8, Office 2013 is completely plugged in to SkyDrive and the result is a fully connected suite of applications that are profile aware and are able to change in to the custom set up of the currently logged in user.

All your documents are stored on SkyDrive by default (you do still have local copies available). The integration is deeper than last time and all your changes and progress is synced in real time. A progress bar show you how much has been synced up. Surely there will be plug ins developed for a similar integration with DropBox and Google Drive at some point. But since your profile is synced to SkyDrive, it makes more sense to stick to the default. Especially if you are one of the lucky ones who got a free 25GB storage space (or you intend to buy space on SkyDrive).

Cloud syncing also paves way for better syncing. You can now go to the file menu and choose “Get Link” to share a copy of the document with someone or choose “Invite People” to start collaborating on the document. The others don’t have to have their own copies of Office 2013 because they will be able to use the web apps. You can also do the usual sharing by email or via social networks from within Office itself.

Office also works better at integrating online content in to your document. You can now directly log in to Facebook and Flickr and pull images from there. The apps now also support direct embedding of videos through HTML code, the likes of which are provided by YouTube and Vimeo when you want to embed videos somewhere. There’s also a Live Layout feature that adjust text and wraps it around your image, shape, chart, video, etc.

Cloud syncing also makes sure that you are carrying your custom settings, custom dictionaries and your documents with you wherever you are going. When you log in to the system, all your settings, custom dictionaries are there and your documents are in the exact state as you last left them. This means even your cursor will be in the same position as you had last left it. This is true for every Office app, so no more lost presentation or excel sheets because you got shut down halfway through your work. Saving happens automatically and in the background.



Microsoft’s Office 2013 is available only to the users of Windows 8 and Windows 7. The decision to exclude Windows Vista and Windows XP has got to a lot with the need to make users upgrade to the latest version so that they can have access to the latest features like full cloud integration. The general availability will be around October and will be available in retail packages unlike Windows 8.



Office 2013 is too large to get it all in to one single broad review, so will go deeper in to each application and review them individually. There are in fact some very important improvements in Excel that make life easier for users by making certain repetitive tasks simpler.

The latest Office is has no drastic change and that’s the best part. It has enough changes to make sure that your Office experience will change for better but it is still similar enough to smoothen out the transition and not make you feel alienated.