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All That You Need to Know About Kindle Voyage

If you’re on a journey to read, get ready to dig into the Kindle Voyage. This one will definitely be great company on your frequent trips to places. With a 300 ppi high resolution display screen, you can read under your covers after lights-out. Hold it with one hand or two; this super-light biscuit thing reader is the thinnest Kindle at 7.6mm thickness only! You won’t even know that’s it’s in your bag!

What’s more, with the new PagePress sensors, it’s almost like you’ve imagines the page to turn and it has been done without having to life a single finger!! By simply giving the Kindle a little pressure on the bezel, it recognizes your need to turn the page and provides an immediate feedback! Amazon has given great thought to convenience and efficiency with every change that they bring out in the Kindle.

You probably won’t miss your paperback version of the book because the Kindle Voyage has even taken care of that. As you swipe the glass screen to flip the pages of the e-book, you will be reminded of your paperback pages as the etching on the screen is specially made to try and match the feel of paper! Talk about attention to details!

The Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition

Why should kids be left behind in all the madness and fun of the Kindle? If you thought Kindle was all about the grownups, with its focus on making reading better – you’re wrong. Amazon has recently come out with the Fire HD Kids edition, that can understand all your kid needs.

Here is a look at what it offers.

Amazon has specially launched the Fire HD 6 and the Fire HD 7 tablet along with 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, a cute kid-proof case, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee, amounting to up to $95 in savings! While the kid remains happy, what more would a parent want?

This amazing tablet is built keeping in mind every child, the background colour and the font is made to fit a child’s perspective. With stress-free navigation controls built in for the child to operate the Kindle with ease, there is also a parental control fully equipped with child-locks and passwords if the parent feels it to be necessary.

One of the best parts about the Kids Edition is the fact that it comes with Amazon FreeTime Unlimited so kids gets free access to a collection of over 5,000 books, movies, magazines, TV Shows and educational apps and games at no additional cost! So parents needn’t worry about having to monitor the child’s purchases for the first couple of months at least! Let your child learn and grow with the Kindle Kids Edition.

You have all the other regular features of Kindle as well and with the festive season approaching, you surely can get some good deals. In a few weeks, we would have Black Friday and Cyber Monday with us – and that’s one time you can surely but the Fire HD.

Where does the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Score?

If you are an avid reader, and your bookshelves are bursting with the weight, what you are looking out for is the latest Kindle that’s out there. So you need to get out of your cosy homes and step into that warm winter clothing for the deals out there will definitely give you the shivers!

Have a look at what it’s got…

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX is one of the finest e-book readers that exist. With a 7” touch-screen display that is smooth, the 1920 X 1200 resolution of the screen makes you want to not let go! Built-in with Wi-Fi and 4G facilities, this quad-core processing unit gives the iPad mini and the other tablets, tough competition! In fact, the Kindle Fire HDX can do all that your iPad can do, and a whole lot more. You get it for a price that’s less than half of what you would pay for an iPad and do note, the iPad Air 2 is light but reports suggest that it can bend and break easily too. You don’t have to worry the same with your Kindle Fire HDX.

Amazon buffs are in for a treat, as they can enter into a world of Amazon with just a single touch, especially for holders of premium accounts. The Kindle Fire HDX doubles up as an excellent Android tablet too, and lets you reach out to some of the greatest magazines, comic books and articles and even movies. But let’s face it, when it comes to the touch inter-face, it has a lot to learn from Apple.

Apart from that, with a thickness of 0.35 inches, the makers have kept in mind that this e-book reader needs to be carried around and cannot have any extra weight, thus keeping it very light at 10.7 ounces! With the festive season approaching, this can be one of your must-buys.

Kindle Paperwhite: A Review

Kindle Paperwhite the latest e-reader of Amazon is now available across various stores in South Africa. The latest Paperwhite kindle being the 6th generation e-reader device among Amazon’s productions is considered as the most advanced Kindle launched till now.

Better display technology, fast processor, and next generation built-in light along with advanced reading features like smart look up, vocabulary builder and Kindle page flip are boastful properties of the device.

Kindle has become among the largest selling e-reader in the world over a few couple of year. Consumers in South Africa are excited as Kindle Paperwhite is now available to them giving a new experience of reading loaded with high technology. The high resolution display marks it the best among its kind for it sports hand tuned 6 font styles in 8 sizes.

Reports say that the Kindle Paperwhite is built in an innovative way that enables even illumination of the screen to provide excellent reading experience in every lighting condition and can hold up to 1,100 books including the best-selling books of authors.

Incredible Connections, DionWired and Game and other retail outlets are supposed to keep the stock of this e-reader device. The company has decided to make the device easily affordable to all and the market price is quite reasonable so that the consumers get the value for their money. The Kindle Paperwhite with Wi-Fi can be purchased at R2, 499 only at retail and while one can get the Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi with 3G for only R3, 299.

Apple shares drop after muted iPhone sales

Apple’s share dropped as much as 8.8 percent on Tuesday, which is their steepest decline in a year.  The world’s most valuable company needs a cheaper iPhone to keep pace with the low-cost rival companies, after the Smartphone sale of the company fell short of the expectations in the holiday shopping season.

The company had lost $43 billion of its market capitalization more than the market value of Twitter Inc. – at the Stock’s intra-day low of $502.07.

Carl Icahn, an Activist investor was waging a public campaign to get Apple to return to shareholder the cash, bought up $500 million worth of Apple stock, which is his third purchase of the same size in less than a week.   This is to boost his total investment in the iPhone maker to more than $4 billion.

Nearly 14 brokerages lowered their price targets on Apple.  This is clearly reflecting the concern that it is becoming harder to sell high end phones as the markets get saturated.

The Apple sold a record number of 51 million iPhones in the quarter which ended December 28.  This is 55 million short of what was expected by the Wall Street.

Analysts on Tuesday attributed the pricing of the iPhone 5C to this shortfall.  iPhone 5C is considered as the low cost alternative to the iPhone 5S which failed to grab the market share from its cheaper rivals using Google Inc.’s Android software.

Apple maintained a gross profit margin of 37.9 percent for the quarter, as more people opted high-end iPhone 5S than iPhone 5C.

Apple forecasts $42$44 billion sales this quarter- because of its deal to sell iPhones through China mobile.  Analysts of Wall Street have expected $46 billion sales.

Amazon is working on a revolutionary product bigger than the Kindle

There is a lot of hope piled on Amazon’s new revolutionary device that will be “bigger than the Kindle”.  A recruitment advertisement has indicated that the Seattle-based company is developing this product.

It hasn’t been revealed that what category the device will fit into and what it will do.  The speculation about this device is building high. Everything you want to know about the Amazon’s latest crop of hardware is spelled out below by compiling the rumour round up of the potential candidates.

Kindle smartphone

Amazon-branded handset have been continually in the news in recent years.  There were strong rumours that Amazon and HTC are working on a line of Android handsets that were expected to be launched in 2014.  Digitimes slipped out in October 2013 that Amazon was partnering with the compact camera manufacturers for eye tracking control and advanced sensors that would allow 3D gesture in its first smartphone which is expected in the second quarter of 2014.

Cinnamon set-top box

Reports first claimed in 2013, April that amazon was developing a set-top box that could stream video over the internet.  The device was meant to rival Google TV, Apple TV and Roku was reportedly born under the Amazon’s Lab 126 division.  The rumours persist even though the timeframe has now passed.  Amazon is now aiming spring 2014 to disrupt the marketplace.

Android gaming console

Reports claimed that Amazon was working on an Android-based gaming console with a controller and Amazon’s digital library of Android apps that would release by Black Friday.  Like the Amazon set-top box, that didn’t happen.


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: The Best e-reader

The latest iteration of Kindle Paperwhite e-reader from Amazon is introduced, just a year after the first ever Paperwhite arrived.  They are just identical to look at, with a display of matte off-white   e-ink, a shiny black bezel and satin finish black plate.  The power buttons and micro-USB ports are in the same spot and both the paperwhites measure 169 mm x 117 mm x 9.1 mm.  The Amazon’s new hotness become abundantly clear only when you pick them up and switch it ON.

The 2013 Paperwhite weighs nearly ten grams less than its predecessor.  Amazon has reduced weight while packing in better gear.  The storage is upgraded totally to store roughly 1,000 books.  Amazon also provides unlimited cloud storage for free and Wi-Fi connectivity to download old favourites and new books.  You can get a Paperwhite with 3G connectivity for $209.

Amazon claims that the battery can last up to eight weeks between the charges.  The Paperwhite’s display comes with an adjustable and granularly backlighting system, which is the key draws of the device.  If the Paperwhite’s backlight is turned to its maximum setting, you’ll be able to read a book in the brightest sunlight.  If the display is turned down to a minimum level, then you can read in bed without disturbing your partner.

Amazon has also added a number of software features like inline footnotes, instant text translation, and even a basic web browser.  The new Paperwhite is providing one of the best reading experiences, short of reading from a book.

Kindle Fire HDX Poses Real Threat to iPad

Amazon is improving the tablet technology dramatically, what Apple bought in the market.  So finally the time has arrived to whip the crown away from Apple and give it to the rightful holder – Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX.

In the current available market of tablets, iPad is the most influential tablet. There is no doubt about it but Amazon’s  Kindle Fire HDX is now sweeping the tech industry.

The price of 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX starts at a rate of $229, which is incredibly low compared to iPad mini with the same storage at $399.  If you want to boost the capacity from 16GB to 64GB, it is only $309 for 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX, while iPad mini costs an astronomical amount of $599.

The larger tablets also repeat the cost patterns.  A 16GB 8.9 Kindle Fire HDX is rated at $379, and 64GB takes to $479.  While iPad Air, 16GB model starts at $499 and 64GB storage makes you shell up to $699.

So Kindle Fire HDX is the better deal, no matter how you cut it.

The display of Kindle Fire HDX blows away the display of iPad.  The Colour of HDX looks superior, vivid, and brightness is better.  On the top of it, HDX throws off a less glare, which makes it easy to use it outdoors.

iPad offers about 10 hours of battery life, while 7-inch Kindle Fire can go up to 11 hours.  Other important features are listed below which makes Kindle Fire HDX superior compared to iPad are listed below:

  • Superior on-screen Keyboard
  • Better Dolby Digital Plus speakers
  • Better Email and Calendar apps
  • The awesome Mayday button.

Amazon Kindle Free Time: A Review

Kindle Free Time from gives parents a way to block kids, accessing the grown-up content.  Kindle is not offering parental control alone, but an optional subscription service with which you get thousands of Kid-friendly books, videos and games for a reasonable monthly fee.  Even though the quality is mixed, the service is hassle free, safe and relatively cheap at $3 a month.

Kindle Free Time works only with 2012 and later models of the Kindle Fire.

All Kindle Fires comes with Free Time already installed.  The app is free to use.  Once the app is opened, all contents which are not placed in your child’s Free Time account is blocked.  That means your child will not be able to access Facebook, YouTube, Netflix etc., if you don’t want your child to have it.  You can even set a password to exit from Free Time.

Your child’s screen time can also be limited by having access to shut off after a specified time.  You can even allot the time to different kind of media your child can view.  The option to set different time limits for weekdays and weekends is also available.  You can even set “curfews” for children to keep them from playing games after the bed time.

Free Time app is free.  To access Amazon’s Free Time Unlimited service, you have to pay which will allow access to a large library of books, videos and kid-friendly apps without the help of an adult.

Amazon Kindle Free Time protects your wallet from kids who do not understand they are spending real money on virtual toys.

Get a Kindle Paperwhite and throw away your lamp

Kindle Paperwhite is the best way to read e-books as the device can be used for reading effortlessly at daytime as well as night time.  With the traditional books, if you want to read in the night, you need a lamp.  But with the Kindle, light is adjusted automatically and it is a pleasure to read in the beautiful, perfectly lit paper-esque screen.  The reading is equally enjoyable even when lying by the pool or outside on a deck, as the screen deflects glare.  The device’s processor is very fast.  The books can be downloaded onto the device immediately for a nice price through the Amazon store.

Since the device has built in Wi-Fi, access to a whole bunch of features like a dictionary, taking notes on the book what you are reading and synchronizing it to the cloud, a book community called Goodreads, and other cool features.

The Kindle Paperwhite also provides a real time stats on the book you are reading, how many minutes you have left in that chapter etc.  The Kindle is a designated e-reader, so you are not distracted by other applications or email notifications.  This is one of the biggest bonus.

The new e-reader is a refined e-book reader with more speed, brightness, polish and edge lighting.  The Kindle Paperwhite has set the bar high for the competition.

In addition to two native Kindle protected formats, AZW and AZW3.  The Paperwhite supports PDF, MOBI, TXT, DOC, DOCX files.  There is a 2 GB internal storage and the e-reader can room for about 1,000 books.