Tuesday, 9 of February of 2016

Thorsten Heins Claims Denied By Shops That Z10 Have Already Been Sold Out

Thorsten Heins proclaimed his company’s success regarding the new smart phones previous week in an interview stating that in UK, the sales were “beyond expectations.” He also added while conversing about one of the two latest handsets released by Blackberry in the past week, the Z10, “White is sold out already. The black is hard to stock up again. It’s very encouraging.”

These comments were made by Thorsten Heins in an interview in the United States with the Associated press where the handsets are yet to be unveiled during the mid March.

Although Hein’s statement regarding the new Z10 managed to create a positive stir concerning its sales, which can be viewed like a make or break proposal to recover some percentage of the position lost to Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone. However the staffs at the executive supplier of UK, 4U reported that all the handsets are yet not sold out.

Each one of the customer services of the retailer and its two retail stores told they still had the white handset in their stock when contacted by the website, Mobile News. One of the stores in Manchester and in Leeds stated that handsets are available in their stock for instant buying as well as collection along with one store affirming there are plenty of handsets left. Also in London, the Daily telegraph got in touch with stores, which also confirmed they have “plenty left”.

His comments may therefore set in motion allegations that the sales of the phones are being tried to look hiked up by Heins.

Moreover BlackBerry has failed to give any replies to the requests until now for any of the comments.  After the launch of last week, the analysts were quite vigilantly positive concerning the release of the latest BB10 OS and the two new phones, Q10 and Z10. Now whether BlackBerry’s latest offerings are a step big enough to regain its position back lost to its competitors or not, is an indeed difficult to be answered at the moment.




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