Thursday, 11 of February of 2016

US Regulator clears charges against Google

It turns up as happy news for Google that US regulator has cleared up all the charges against it. Google was charged against manipulating search results, but after investigation, Google has emerged clean. The top US regulator gave green chit declaring that Google is not found guilty of holding any of such manipulations and also they produce clear search results.

As according to the Chairman belonging to America’s Federal Trade Commission, Jon Leibovitz states that Google is one of America’s greatest and biggest organization and such unusual and harsh accusations are results of bad competition. As per him, theUSregulator have investigated the facts and got the reality behind these baseless charges. Google have always trying to bring about new and advanced search results, changing its looks was a step for the same reason. Taking it as a step to show incorrect or manipulated search result is a wrong charge against it.

Also, it is being thought that these charges were the results to the frustration by their competitors who wanted to earn commission and also wanted to regulate the details of the Google’s algorithm.

Hence, this decision has turned to be a snap to its rivals who thought Google might loose good clientage if entangled in such charges.

Though Google is free from all the charges, it has purposely volunteered stating they are ready to present all the details related to the content generation by other websites and also the working of patents for it. Google expressed deep disappointment on being pointed out without any major issue and have also thanked their supporters who have believed in them and stood by the organization in times of doubt.



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