Sunday, 14 of February of 2016

Google heading on towards grabbing about 90% of Microsoft users

2012 has proven very lucky for the enterprise software world, as Google and many other companies have decided to come up with their own software. This is considered as a big fat growth in the enterprise software world when Google – the giant search engine takes a grab over this world. This is being done so as to communicate and collaborate more effectively. Amit Singh, Google VP and head of the enterprise unit has added that they are willing to extract and grab 90%of the users who have been making use of the basic features of Microsoft Office.

This statement has come by the VP when the two major products that generate the maximum revenue for the company; there are changes that need to be done at the productivity end. Google is known to invest heavily in the Windows operating System and Productivity suite. They both form the earning source or the medium for bread and butter to generate the maximum revenue. Google has rolled out its own suite to avoid the use of Microsoft office any longer. The productivity suite of Google has been successful at luring in few of the enterprise customers away from MS-Office due to their web based productivity applications.

It seems that 2012 will turn out to be very lucky for Google as they are targeting to grab around 90 % of the customers who use Microsoft applications and Microsoft Suite. The Suite that has been brought up by Google doesn’t need any advanced software applications, and therefore can conveniently make use of their productivity Suite. The VP further added that Google plans to win all the customers who make use of the basic functionality and that they have been consistently improving upon their Enterprise offerings.

Google didn’t charge their customers in the beginning to woo them who were willing to use their Apps, it has been only recently that they have started charging them to access these apps.


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