Wednesday, 10 of February of 2016

Apple iPhone 5’s China debut Pushes sales figures above 2.1 million in 3 days.

It seems that China loves the iPhone. Sales figures reported a whopping number of 2.1 million as the new Apple product debuted in China. After initial global criticism, some even stating the iPhone even as the worst release made by Apple in years, the iPhone has done pretty well around the world and broke its previous sales records by hefty margins. Apple has not witnessed such craze for iPhone for the first time, in New York anxious people waited for days outside the Apple stores to get their hands on the new launch. The same was observed in European markets as well.

The CEO of Apple has stated that China was at the epitome of its markets in Asia and it has done well this time around with an average per minute sale of 463 iPhones breaking all the sales records ever set in this country before. He also stated that within a month Apple iPhone 5 would be available for purchase in more than 100 countries around the globe making it most quickly launched and distributed iPhone ever in the history.

Apple has been able to provide its customers with leaner, longer and meaner iPhone 5 this time around. Criticism was based on the performance of this new device as only a few new features were introduced to this new device by Apple. Some said that it was a disappointment that the company has not been able to meet up with the hype around the launch of new iPhone. Experts say that the new phone now offers better browsing with a faster IOS intelligently tweaked by Apple. The new iPhone is most definitely a smart phone to look out for in the near future.


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