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Pakistan Lifts ban on YouTube for three minutes, Just to reimpose it again

The ban which was imposed by Pakistan on YouTube soon after the anti-Islamic video that led to riots in several Muslim countries and the Muslim world, was lifted after a long gap of 3 months on the 29th of this motnh. The news was just being publicized to the outside world by the twitter birds, when the Pakistan Government, after just three minutes of the lifting of the ban, imposed it back again.

The reason the Government stated was that the blasphemous content was still available on the website when the keyword were searched. Before, post several months of censure of the ban, the Government had decided to allow the citizens of Pakistan to have the access to the website content back again, stating that appropriate measures had been taken to ensure that the offensive content wouldn’t be visible to anyone. But the results gradually failed, making the authorities to backtrack their decision quickly. The Government had decided to ask all the telecommunication companies to block the internet content that was deemed as offensive to the Muslims and all links to the video. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out and the Government had to impose the ban once again. On a side note, the ban was seen as suppression by the growing number of complainants in Pakistan, estimated around 25 million users.

By Friday Evening, Rehman Malik, the interior minister of Pakistan, specified that the ban shall be lifted over the weekend. He added that the firewalls will be installed to block the pornographic and blasphemous content. The flip flop process adapted by the authority resulted in a flurry of jokes that were shared on Twitter about the dithering and backtracking approach by the Government. The editor of a popular magazine, Flare, criticized the decision taken by the government, stating that YouTube is being used by children for educational purposes and completing their assignments. He added that he was quite amused at the Government not being able to install a secure firewall, in-spite of having many months to do so.

Exploding Sales of iPad and iPhone over Christmas 2012

Tablets in its true sense, have been around ever since the iPad was launched. Now, with the release of the iPad 4th Generation earlier this year, Apple has been giving a stiff competition to all other tablets. However, 2012 was the year which made the iPad be in the news all the time.

Many research companies have lifted the forecast of sales of the tablet a number of times during 2012 because of the hefty demands and soaring expectation rate. Now, the figures for shipment of the gadget are predicted to reach 122.3 million for the entire year.

Given that the iPhone and iPad sales are up by 128% and 111% every year approximately (as polled by the Wall Street analysts), the breakneck growth shall slower down during the current quarter that ends this Saturday. Wall Street Analysts states that for the quarter 2013, Apple sales are going to be lean, and they are looking for an average sale of 28% and 48% for iPhones and iPads.

Flurry Analytics reported that around 17 million iOS and Android devices were activated on the Christmas day, which was 250% more than reported n 2011. But they couldn’t differentiate as to how many were Apple and Android out of the total.

Distimo’s Data was specifically platform based. It said that this was a great Christmas for Apple this year, as the Apple’s App Store received a 87% boost in sales during Christmas. It suggested a larger bump in the unit sales than what was expected; only less than 3X increase was noted in 2011.

With New Year approaching it is to be seen if the sales of the iPhones and iPads slow down. More, with Apple launching its App stores in 52 more countries earlier this month, sales through the Store are expected to be good as well.


User Privacy in turmoil as Deleted Snapchat and Poke videos resurface.

Snapchat has been in the news for its dependable mass use in the recent times as it deletes the shared content almost instantaneously. Facebook Poke was launched recently as a competitor with this name already prevailing in the instant messaging market. A staff reported with a popular online news website found that the videos sent on Snapchat and Poke could be revealed. The report found that the Videos, once loaded and not opened could be saved to a computed through an iPhone by browsing its internal memory.

Further, she stated that if the videos were not viewed, they could be found stored in a folder called ‘TMP’ for “snapchat” and on mediacard for “Poke”. She also mentioned that copying these files and saving it to another folder automatically prevented its deletion where people could view it later on.

Snapchat representatives stated that there would be a way to find a glitch or a way to reverse engineer any kind of technology that is available, but a regular user would not go to such lengths to view the videos. Snapchat and Poke are also available on Google Android platform, but the reporter did not try such stunts with all the smart phones available in the market. Snapchat introduced its video sharing capabilities on December 14th soon after which Facebook launched its Poke application and both have the platforms have been in the news since then because of the sophisticated algorithm that deletes content after it has been viewed making the content irretrievable. Facebook representatives after this incident stated that, while pokes disappeared after being seen, there are still ways that people can find to see them, so the users have to be more responsible n using these application in a way that it doesn’t harm them.


Gmail Continues The Holiday Tradition by Extending Free Calls For Another Year

Google has announced that people in America and Canada can continue their free calls from Gmail for another year. We have already witnessed similar announcements at the end of the years 2010 and 2011 since its introduction in mid 2010. In some earlier announcements from Google, the voice over IP tool after its introduction was supposed to be free for use till the end of 2010 but was extended till the end of 2011. At the end of 2011, Google again postponed the payed updated version till the end of 2012 and now as the year ends, we yet again witness another extension for the year to come.

This is a welcome revealation for the people who use this service in their day to day lives although the announcement came as a surprise for all. According to sources, Google would not charge for local calls anyway, that is within the state. Even if Google decides to charge, the amount would be very minimal and affordable. The real revenue model is for the long distance or global calls that Google wants to encourage its users to get used to. These calls would be cheaper than the competition providing similar services and with a name like Google backing it up, we can expect an error free platform for the same.

The gmail call facility can be accessed by simply pushing the call button available on the left hand of the gmail screen. The numbers could be typed in at that instance or can be saved along with the previously existing contact information that gmail provides. If your gmail doesn’t show any of these options, you can download a plug in available in the gmail itself. Lets hope that Google keeps the service free at least for the local users in the years to come.

Not a Good news for Blackberry Fans

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) lost one million subscribers in the last quarter, the first drop in users in the company’s history. The number of Blackberry users dipped to 79 million from 80 million three months ago. The Canadian Company, which has no debt, gave a positive sign to its investors by increasing its cash in hand by $600 million to $2.9 billion. As per the company sources the cash came from “working capital conversion.” However the introduction of Blackberry 10 would bring an end to the cash hoarding. RIM CEO Thorsten Heins further said that the company will dig into its cash reserves to finance advertising and marketing campaigns for its devices. Another bright spot in its earning report was that it managed to ship 225,000 Blackberry Playbooks in the third quarter, nearly twice the number it shipped in the previous quarter.

RIM has changed the way it charges service fees, putting an important source of revenue at risk. Heins said only subscribers who want enhanced security will pay fees under the new system.

A drastic drop has been seen in the popularity of Blackberry is seen in the traditional markets, especially USA. According to the new statistics from the market research company ComScore, Blackberry has lost its sheen to Google’s Android which has cemented its lead as the most-used Smartphone and Apple’s iphone which has gained more than 3 million users.

The company now has eyes on Blackberry 10 operating system which will be unveiled on January 30. The new device is deemed critical for the company’s survival. The much delayed Blackberry 10 is meant to offer multimedia, Internet browsing and apps experience that the customers now demand.

All eyes are now set on Blackberry 10 to rescue RIM form its internal and external woes!!!

The five Biggest Stories of 2012: Amazon

The Ecommerce giant has spent the entire year trying hard to manage stepping its competitor’s shoes. Amazon, the e-commerce giant tried hard to keep everyone busy and kept doing what it is known for, invading in other people’s territory. The company has been experimenting at trying its hands in book publishing, Web-site hosting and video-gaming development. Amazon has always been in the habit of jumping and getting into any and every work which seemed to be profitable to its business. Listed below are the five biggest Amazon stories of 2012:

  1. Goofing on hardware- Amazon has added three new devices to its existing list of e-book readers and tablets. The company has been strategizing on making money by adding Kindle Paper white, Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire. The latest introduction in the world of books, movies; Kindle Fire HD has been known to compete with Apple’s I-pad.


  1. Invasion on Media- the company has helped many authors to publish their books themselves and has come up with its own publishing house and social gaming studio. The company has been invading in various territorial habitats of media.


  1. Sales Tax- In order to accomplish its goal of getting faster and cheaper shipping, methodology that was adopted was to come up with fulfillment centers, that forced the sales tax companies to collect sales tax in different states like California, Texas etc. they have also come up with their own company by doing an expenditure of $775 that will be running logistics.


  1. Book Shelling industry disturbed- the book selling industry came to a standstill when Amazon entered the premises. It had lot battles with the book publishers and the competent book brokers of the current year. The battle between Amazon and its electrifying partner, Barnes and Nobles was fought with their respective introductions of tablets in the market. Amazon was accused by Apple of being the driving force which led to the federal prosecution. This was settled when Amazon’s publishing arm was made to sign a deal which led the competitors sell the Amazon Titles.


  1. Battle with Netflix- Amazon competed with Netflix by signing many deals with the studios and TV Service Epix. It also started with a video streaming service for $7.99/month.



India’s support on UN’s web regulations stirs discomfort in the Indian Internet industry.

Very recently, The International Telecom Union, a part of the United Nations proposed to define internet spams and cyber fraud in a manner that would be controlled by The United Nations itself by regulating the ‘international network’ under its control. India’s inclination towards the support of this proposal has caused discomfort to the big players in the Indian Internet Industry with a warning to refrain from supporting the proposal as India has not yet signed it.

With the arms of the international major brands like Ebay, Yahoo!, Google and Facebook in its portfolio, The International and Indian Mobile Association of India has suggested International Telecom Union to focus on telecom sector and not try stunts to enter the information and communication technology as it did during the Dubai summit last week.  Some expert analyst have termed this situation as the new global cold war as countries like The United States, The United Kingdom and European union have rejected the proposal whereas countries like Russia, China and The United Arab Emirates have found the proposal to be useful in their country context.

Indian Organizations such as the Federation of Indian Chambers and Commerce and COAL have also voted against the support of the government to this proposal by The UN. Referring to the Mumbai arrest of girls who posted on a social networking site, they said that it is not well recognized that law enforcement agencies can misinterpret language even when it is not intended and that signing the proposal would mean a binding situation for internet usage across the country resulting in the loss of national sovereignty. The president of Internet Service providers association of India mocked UN by stating that it should consider private organization in its council and not only government so that the private players interest is not lost.

Apple iPhone 5’s China debut Pushes sales figures above 2.1 million in 3 days.

It seems that China loves the iPhone. Sales figures reported a whopping number of 2.1 million as the new Apple product debuted in China. After initial global criticism, some even stating the iPhone even as the worst release made by Apple in years, the iPhone has done pretty well around the world and broke its previous sales records by hefty margins. Apple has not witnessed such craze for iPhone for the first time, in New York anxious people waited for days outside the Apple stores to get their hands on the new launch. The same was observed in European markets as well.

The CEO of Apple has stated that China was at the epitome of its markets in Asia and it has done well this time around with an average per minute sale of 463 iPhones breaking all the sales records ever set in this country before. He also stated that within a month Apple iPhone 5 would be available for purchase in more than 100 countries around the globe making it most quickly launched and distributed iPhone ever in the history.

Apple has been able to provide its customers with leaner, longer and meaner iPhone 5 this time around. Criticism was based on the performance of this new device as only a few new features were introduced to this new device by Apple. Some said that it was a disappointment that the company has not been able to meet up with the hype around the launch of new iPhone. Experts say that the new phone now offers better browsing with a faster IOS intelligently tweaked by Apple. The new iPhone is most definitely a smart phone to look out for in the near future.

Google heading on towards grabbing about 90% of Microsoft users

2012 has proven very lucky for the enterprise software world, as Google and many other companies have decided to come up with their own software. This is considered as a big fat growth in the enterprise software world when Google – the giant search engine takes a grab over this world. This is being done so as to communicate and collaborate more effectively. Amit Singh, Google VP and head of the enterprise unit has added that they are willing to extract and grab 90%of the users who have been making use of the basic features of Microsoft Office.

This statement has come by the VP when the two major products that generate the maximum revenue for the company; there are changes that need to be done at the productivity end. Google is known to invest heavily in the Windows operating System and Productivity suite. They both form the earning source or the medium for bread and butter to generate the maximum revenue. Google has rolled out its own suite to avoid the use of Microsoft office any longer. The productivity suite of Google has been successful at luring in few of the enterprise customers away from MS-Office due to their web based productivity applications.

It seems that 2012 will turn out to be very lucky for Google as they are targeting to grab around 90 % of the customers who use Microsoft applications and Microsoft Suite. The Suite that has been brought up by Google doesn’t need any advanced software applications, and therefore can conveniently make use of their productivity Suite. The VP further added that Google plans to win all the customers who make use of the basic functionality and that they have been consistently improving upon their Enterprise offerings.

Google didn’t charge their customers in the beginning to woo them who were willing to use their Apps, it has been only recently that they have started charging them to access these apps.

Kindle Paperwhite this New Year?

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has made its role in the current competitive gadget market with their built in lighting technology which can be rated as a unique spec. May be because of this, reports say that there are millions still awaiting to experience this cool product from Amazon.

Amazon is already offering this Kindle Paperwhite at a convenient price tag keeping in mind that there are chances of revenue if people will purchase more books from their online store just to experience with this gadget. Their experiment will surely win the price while considering the range of books purchase happening with the Amazon online store. As with the current status, Amazon is not in a decision to go ahead with the New Year Kindle Paperwhite Deals as it is not supposed to bring anything special at the moment.

As with the reports, even if people are ready to pay the standard price for this tablet, they will have to wait for at least December end to get the device. This means that there are rare chances for people who have made pre order to get their tablet before Christmas. This is a really strong point we can talk on for yet another reason why there is no New Year Kindle Paperwhite Deals, this time. Amazon need not worry regarding the deal side as statistics says that customers planning to get a hand on this amazing tablet are expected to shoot up in a while.