Sunday, 14 of February of 2016

Black Friday iPhone Deals

The iPhone 5 is quite possibly the most popular smartphone ever to be sold. It was definitely Apple’s most successful iPhone launch ever and will probably stand out as a success story in the end despite the Apple Maps debacle that left the Apple “It Just Works” image a bit tarnished. Despite this success, or perhaps because of it, it’s safe to say that there will be no Black Friday iPhone deals happening this year.

You can still find some great deals at various retail locations for the iPhone 4S. Best Buy is selling that model for just $1 when you sign up for a 2 year contract. Target is selling the contract-free iPhone 4S for its normal $499 price but they’re throwing in a $100 gift card. That’s a big deal on a contract free phone set up for Virgin Wireless.

Apple is holding a one day sales event to celebrate Black Friday, but it’s a safe bet that they won’t be pushing too hard to sell the iPhones. Last year there was no discount offered on any iPhone model despite half the active product lines being marked down at a similar event. This time we’re looking at a brand new device that has barely had time to catch on. They could always go for selling the iPhone 4S at this event, of course, but given the complaints that have been floating around about the performance of the latest iteration of iOS on older hardware that might not be the best PR move.

Check around. Chances are good that all the major carriers will be looking to unload their older Apple smartphones to make room for the latest and greatest. That means that you could run into a great deal anywhere, not just at these big name locations.


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