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HTC 8X Online deals

Any deal can be sweet, provided it involves huge discounts along with it. Having said that, there are ample upcoming deals that are bound to be attracting the customers due to the superb discounts which are unlikely to be found anywhere else. has a great history when it comes to providing great discounts and deals on the most popular gadgets. If you are into online shopping, at much affordable price rates then sites like ebay and Amazon can be great sites to visit. There are awesome deals each year to promote and highlight new products. has been hosting giveaway deals at a much cheaper pricing with all the products in their prime conditions.

The latest of all the deals that the site offers is for HTC-8X . HTC8X runs on Microsoft Windows 8 and is known to be featuring Qualcomm S4, 1.5 GHz processor, one of the fastest processors available today in the mobile world. The smartphone features a 8 MP camera with a 2.1 front end camera as well and gives its users ample opportunity to click and get clicked with wonderful pictures. The gadget comes handy with a LCD touch screen with a High definition 720p resolution. If you are thinking the smartphone could cost you much, then you are wrong! You can bag the smartphone for a meagre $100 for the 8Gb model and $200 if you want to get your hands on the 16GB model. The smartphone is available in colors of blue and yellow.

At Amazon, you can get the yellow model from AT&T. has been selling the model at $39.99 (now that’s cheap!) and the standard one at $199.99 for the blue 16 GB.

New iMacs this Friday by Apple

They say great things come in small packages! Apple also had the same idea when they release their newer and slimmer versions of the all-new iMac! Once the computer goes on sale this Friday, Apple will also start taking orders for the larger version of the same. However, for the larger pieces, the shipping won’t happen until December so people will need to wait to get to own their pieces for good.

The smaller screen measures up to 21.5 inches while the soon to be introduced bigger model is said to have a 27 inch screen. The dimension in cm for the first one is approximately 54.6, and for the second one is 68.5. The difference of cost between the two sizes is about $500, with the smaller one costing $1,299 and the larger one, $1,799.

One of the USP’s of the new iMac is how incredibly thin it is. Phil Schiller, who is Apple’s senior vice president and is in charge of worldwide marketing of the product, demonstrated the slimness of the product in San Jose, California recently.

Since these new iMacs, which will be available for sale posts Friday have no disk drive, the thickness of the computer has been reduced to one-fifth of its original size! Beat that! However, towards the centre of the back, a slight bulge is noticed for those who peer closely.

What the new iMac also does is pins the computer’s components to the back of a large LCD screen. While these new models were revealed a month ago, they will only go on sale post Friday.


Samsung Galaxy Note 2 appears on Verizon for shipping

If you’re one of those enthusiastic kinds who have pre-ordered your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 months in advance from Verizon, maybe it’s time to check again why you haven’t received it yet. Most likely you too would have received a shipping confirmation email saying your piece is finally scheduled to arrive on November 29th.

More than a month after Verizon begun taking orders for the same piece, news finally reached angst customers that their much-awaited handset or phablet (phone tablet) is to reach them close to the end of this month.

Beginning November 29th your favourite Samsung Galaxy Notes will be available for sale not only in the online stores but also in your regular brick and mortar stores which includes the various Verizon stores.

Verizon refers to receiving the ‘best of both worlds’ with the all new Samsung Galaxy Note 2, as it is big enough to flash around yet small enough to fit in the pocket! This piece has a 5.5 inch HD AMOLED screen, which runs on the latest 4.1 Jelly Bean Android and also possesses an Exynos 1.6-GHz quad processor with 2GB RAM. When taken with a two year contract, this phone costs you approximately $299. 99

Since this phone is based to be somewhat of a digital notebook, it has an easy-to-use slide out S- pen for note-taking, and also has a Popip Note Feature which doubles up as a quick notepad. Doodling and drawing in boring meetings is also an option for many!

The Multi-Window view has users running two apps simultaneously such as watching an interesting video yet texting a friend about tonight’s party! Since two activities may be too important to choose from, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 allows you to do them both!

New Nokia Asha 205 and 206 – For those who want it cheap!

There are so many varieties of phones in the market, with thousands of handy apps, cool features, access to the whole world with fast internet, and amazing looks, off course who can forget one-touch-go display. But when you go out to buy one for yourself, you always keep in mind, the budget. No worries, as Nokia has thought about us & introduced its Nokia Asha 205 & 206 for people like you & me, who doesn’t want to finish their salaries in one go.

Nokia Asha 205 & 206 is designed for all the budget conscious mass, giving them the access to Facebook with a dedicated button. A new feature called slam that enables you to transfer & share data from your phone to any other phones. We know of the traditional way of sharing files & photos to any other mobile via Bluetooth, but Nokia has come up with the revolutionary instant sharing that happens without pairing the two devices. And the best part is, the receiving device doesn’t have to be slam-enabled phones.

It also includes latest version of Nokia Express browser, which is similar to the cloud-based servers. Teenagers will love it as it also comes with an electronic art gift pack of 40 free games, as well as preinstalled twitter & chat application like eBuddy.

Due to the similarity in features, to that of smartphones in the market, the Nokia Asha devices are termed as feature phones. Both the phones are to be released in the market by the year’s end. However, these phones are limited to those countries where Nokia doesn’t offer its windows phone because Asha phones are incompatible with Microsoft windows OS for phones. Therefore, the U.S will be deprived of its availability

Facebook’s external advertising network

As people say, if you are nowhere to be found, then you are on Facebook. Looking at the time you spend on Facebook and the activities that you do every day, like posting comments, liking posts, playing, news feeding, etc, Facebook gets a data about your likes & dislikes, based on which Facebook has come up with something new. As a part of the upcoming changes to Facebook’s privacy & governance policies, it has come up with an external advertising network, in which you will get ads outside of Facebook, using the same data it has about your likes & dislikes.

One can easily say that these are strategies, similar to previous ones with winning mobile & click-through ads, which generated enough revenue to make Wall Street & other investors happy. However, Facebook also came up with a voting process, as a way to improve its governance policies, which failed before it could actually get started.

Google with its Adsense is topping the charts when it comes to external ad network. But if Facebook manages to get such an external ad network then it could double their revenue, taking them to $10 billion from its current $5 billion level. To have the access to the information of the browsing & liking habits of a billion people isn’t something that comes along every day.

We have to wait & watch, if Facebook with its data is able to effectively target ads on external websites, then Google, with its multibillion dollar advertising business, which is dominating the ad world, may get the first major competitor. And if Facebook manages to achieve such a bench mark, then we may actually feel proud to have helped Facebook achieve something by doing nothing.

Apple using Harley Davidson Lightenening Trademark

Can you think of anything that relates big names as Apple & Harley-Davidson, off course, apart from them being a brand name?  The answer is the word Lightening. Now, how is the word lightening is related to these companies & how can this term become an interjection between the two? For the answer to this, you need to understand the term trademark. This is the term given to any word, name or symbol chosen by a company to represent itself.

Apple, wanted to use the term lightening, for branding its new product of dock connectors. However, before it could use the word for its product, the iPod maker had to talk to Harley Davidson, as it owns the trade mark for lightening in different areas, which includes video games motorcycle parts & even sunglasses. Therefore, Apple had to take the permission first, before it could use the name with its new product.

Harley Davidson has the trademark for the word lightening until 2013, so he granted ‘partial transfer’ of the trademark to Apple. This, not only enabled Apple to use the trademark freely, but retained the rights of Harley Davidson to use it for its other products. This arrangement will be valid till 2013, thereafter, according to the companies requirements, they may enter into any such terms or contract for its extension.

These kinds of ‘partial transfer’ of trademarks are granted by companies to any other companies, with prior permission, to ensure smooth relation & usage of rights being granted by the trademark protection acts & laws. Any violation of such law may be harmful for the company’s (violating the law) reputation & this may even lead to the end of such a company.

Cyber Monday HTC 8X Deals

HTC has launched its latest phone in the Windows phone series named the HTC 8X. The device possesses one of the fastest processors and the HTC 8X can be compared with Nokia Lumia 920, another Windows based phone. The Cyber Monday HTC 8X Deals reveal many points of comparison between this phone and the Nokia Lumia 920.

The two phones have a lot of similarities. The first among them is the storage capacity. On comparing,  it has been found that the Nokia Lumia 920 has a better storing capacity in comparison to the HTC. The 2X more integral storing than the HTC allows storing double of all the data. But, on the contrary, if a comparison is made between the sizes of the two phones, the HTC 8X has an upper hand. The HTC phone is probably the slimmest Windows phone in the market. The sleek design of the HTC appears to be much better than the Nokia Lumia 920. If the quality of photos and videos are compared, it becomes difficult to come to a clear conclusion. This is so because the quality of photos and videos are more or less same in both the devices.

Apart from these, the other features of the two phones are more or less same. Be it the sensors or the processing power or the keyboard or keypad. All these features can be rated more or less equal in both the device as they are of equal quality. But, the HTC 8X has an added advantage in the view point of music in the form of Beat Audio.

Cyber Monday Google Nexus Deals

Google Nexus is one of the most talked about Smartphone in the market today. The Cyber Monday Google Nexus Deals reveal that this device from the Google is in a direct competition with the Apple iPhone. Each of the devices is good in its own way. Both the phones are popular ones and have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here is a comparative study is made between the two, to reveal the good aspects of both the device.

The first point of difference between the two devices is that the iPhone uses the iOS Operating System, whereas on the other hand the Nexus uses Android Operating System. The next is from the view point of the display. The Nexus offers a 4 inch display, while the iPhone has 3.5 inches. But from the viewpoint of quality of display, the Retina display of the iPhone offers far better viewing experience than the AMOLED display of the nexus. The intensity of resolution offered is also much more in the iPhone than the Google nexus. Another important difference between the two is that the iPhone is available in versions with capacities of 16GB and 32GB. But, the Nexus is available only with 16GB capacity.

Apart from these, there is another point of difference. The Nexus has two cameras. Thus, these are the difference between the two popular phones. Thus, on a comparison between the two it appears that the iPhone has a better position in the competition. The comparison helps the consumers determine the brand that is suitable for them. On the other hand the competition leads to the development of devices with better technology.

Cyber Monday iPhone Deals

The iPhone is one of the most hyped gadgets of the present days. With its many attractive features and the Apple logo this gadget is one of the most loved gadgets of the present days. The advanced technology has transformed the gadget into better and efficient device. One important part of this gadget is the charger. It is the most important thing that is needed to keep the full with charge and enjoy all the features. But, the Cyber Monday iPhone Deals states that there are some important things that are essential to know about these iPhone chargers.

The most important thing about the charger is that one needs to examine properly the charger. There are various types of charger in the market. But to ensure the safety of the iPhone it is essential to check and test the charger. In addition to that, to ensure maximum safety, it is also essential to buy original chargers. There are lots of places available in the market that sells chargers. But, in order to get the best service, it is essential to buy the original chargers. One should buy the charger that is compatible with the iPhone and complements the device in true sense. It has been found in many cases that as a result of using wrong charger, the battery of the iPhone has spoilt.

The iPhone is a magical device that offers various beneficial services to the user. If one has a flat tire or any mechanical failure of the car in the middle of a road, this device can be used to ask for assistance. There is no substitute to an original charger as it provides the best guarantee of efficient service of the device.

Discounts revealed at Cyber Monday Google Nexus deals

Everyone of us are excited due to Christmas being round the corner,  what more can Christmas offer this year with the great deals that are going on at the Cyber Monday Google Nexus Deals. There are heavy discounts that are being offered at these events at the different stores that each one of us must have been awaiting for quite a long time.

All the people who have been in the search of making a purchase for tablet phones have a reason to feel rejoiced due to the different models that are available such as Google Nexus, I-Pad, the Galaxy Tab and the other brands. So now you can make a choice between the Windows 8 Operating systems with the Android phones. The Nexus 7 tablet has been designed by the most popular search engine- Google! So if you wish to purchase a tablet but not so sure on which one will be the right one for you- then perhaps having a look at the specifications the tablet offers will be the right thing to do.

Nexus-7 is the first of the lot in the Nexus series so far. It was designed in accordance with the google services and uses the Android OS to run. The tablet promises many features and enables them to be able to play games, listening to music and watching videos. So this is a complete package to help you get free from any type of boredom. The accessories are also available at the stores of the tablet which includes the cardholders, cases, screen protectors and docks. Since the Cyber Mondays are the busiest days of shopping and the events notice a lot of rush; so in order to avoid it you can purchase the tablets online as well!