Sunday, 7 of February of 2016

Apple v/s Samsung: US court finally lifts patent ban

be in for some good news. Early on Thursday, the appeals court of the United States of America, lifted the sales ban on Samsung. There were allegations of Samsung phones sales going up due to copying features of the Apple iPhone. However, since there was no clear evidence found of the same, the US sales ban was lifted, setting Samsung free of months of court cases.

The Google-branded Samsung phone in question is the Galaxy Nexus. The appeals court in Washington also overruled a writ that had been issued by a judge, Lucy Koh, in California against Samsung earlier on June 29. The appeals court in Washington mentioned that the lower court, had ‘abused its discretion’, having ruled in favour of Apple.

The appeals court stated that Apple, “has shown a likelihood of establishing both infringement and validity” of the iPhone’s virtual assistant software, known as Siri. In addition to that, Apple must prove two aspects: that it will suffer “irreparable harm” yet “establish that the harm is sufficiently related to the patent infringement.” In simpler terms this just means that Samsung would essentially be able to generate sales without including the selected, patented feature.

Ever since Galaxy Nexus was launched in the US in April, it has been a hit with among several who made use of Google’s Android mobiles.

Thursday’s ruling may just be one silver lining among many court cases that Apple has slammed on the accused party. Earlier, Apple had won a jury award of a whopping $1 billion in regard to the patent infringement, which it plans to use to seek bans on the other Samsung phones and tablets, that are already in the market and which Samsung plans to launch in the near future as well.

Beware Samsung; Apple does not take patent infringement accusations lightly!



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