Monday, 8 of February of 2016

Apple’s iPhone 5 creates a buying spree

Apple’s announcement related to the launch of the iPhone 5 has created a buying hysteria in the market. The reviews of new iPhone 5 are very impressive. The iPhone5 has created a buying spree in the market and it is not going to end very soon. The sales are further accelerated due to the fact that Apple has won 2 major lawsuits in U.S against its arch rival Samsung. Apple has improved the new version of the phone and has again proved that innovation is the second name of company.

It has given its competitor, the Windows 8 phone a big challenge even before the launch of the latter in the market. To meet up the success that is achieved by Apple, and also to give it a direct fight in the smartphone market, will not be an easy task for the new Windows 8 phone. The efforts made by Microsoft to promote Windows 8 phone OS are not up to the mark. Windows 8 phone will need a strong marketing strategy to have a space in the already congested smartphone market.

The company can develop an interface that can be functional on any device. Once the user becomes familiar with the functions of Windows 8, windows phone, it will be easier for him to use any Microsoft related gadget. In the present times, windows phone 7 uses Metro, but it has a market share of meager 4% of the Smartphone market. Thus, it doesn’t qualify to be a popular OS of the smartphones and thus is not a familiar design in the market. Windows 8 mobile has an edge because it carried the Tag of Microsoft but to emerge as giant in the smartphone sales it needs much more. Windows 8 must have something out of the box in order to capture the attention of the market.


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