Friday, 12 of February of 2016

Apple TV Might Be Soon Be Updated To A Full-Fledged TV, Retailer Stocks Are Running Low

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Retailers seem to be running out of Apple TV’s current version quite fast and their stocks are not getting replenished. Apple news source 9to5Mac reported receiving information from their source within BestBuy about Apple TV units no longer shipping to retailers and poor availability amongst physical stores. In the meantime CNET has done some searching and found out that the Apple is either unavailable or has very limited availability amongst major US retailers such as Radio Shack, Amazon, Target and Wal-Mart.

This kind of widespread shortage of such a product is typical of the times just before a refresh and there have been rumors going around constantly about a new Apple TV coming out soon. Rumors out of Canada suggest that the Apple TV is already there with popular carriers for testing. It is supposed to look like an iMac or Cinema display with Apple TV built in to it. The OS inside would be like the iPhone and there will likely be support for many of the current iOS apps along with launch time future offerings of Apple TV specific apps.

There are already rumors of an Apple event coming up in early March. Although it is probably going to launch the next iPad, there’s a possibility of the Apple TV coming up as an ending note. Apple does not usually hold an entire event to launch a new version of Apple TV but then as the iBooks event showed earlier, the company does not play by any set of rules. It invents them as it goes along. Thus it is hard to predict exactly what the company is going to do.

A new Apple TV was part of the list of supported devices in the iOS 5.1 beta that was circulated in the market last year. Even though it might be an enterprise strategy to confuse the industry and competitors, any amount of truth in that list would mean that current rumors fall in line with it.

The upgrade would include the Apple TV coming in as an entire HDTV unto itself with a 1080p resolution, up from the current 720p that you get. The chassis will not doubt be slimmer than that of the iMac owing to lesser components. The Apple TV runs on a platform that is similar to the iPad and will come with its own storage.

The Apple TV concept is to allow you to add several new dimensions to your TV such as the sharing content from your iPad, iPhone and MacBook. There’s also the option of renting movies from services like Netflix. Plus you can control your Apple TV via the iPhone remote control app. You can even share content on your iPhone via the Airplay feature that automatically hooks Apple TV and your iOS device via WiFi.

Currently Apple TV is a small box that fits on the palm of your hands. However, there’s no telling what the price point would be like when it comes as a whole TV in itself.


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