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Brite-View BV-2500 Wireless HD Kits Review

The Brite-View BV-2500 Wireless HD kit comes in the usual transmitter and receiver kit. The transmitter is called the BV-2500T and the receiver is called BV-2500R. Between these two, you can wirelessly connect almost any two devices that are HDMI enabled. The BV-2500 is capable of carrying 1080i@60hz and 1080p@24/30Hz HD signals compeltely uncompressed. So there is no lag and no quality loss. Other than that, its specifications also mention the other standard resolutions such as 720p, 576i, 480p, 480i. It also has component input and supports the various resolutions there too. On HDMI the lowest it can go is 480p.

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Amazon Black Friday Deals: 3 Pack of Ultrafast 10.2Gbps V1.3b HDMI Cables

Even though our blog is all about wireless HDMI we still like inexpensive wired solutions.
That’s why we’re happy to post about Amazon Black Friday Deal: 3 10.2Gbps HDMI cables for just $9.99 (regular price $29.99).

3 HDMI Ultrafast Cables for just $9.99

WHDI Coming To Mobile Handsets

After Intel announced their intention to bring their WiDi technology to tablets, it is now Amimon’s turn to announce their entry in to the handheld market. And this they are doing by announcing their plans for making WHDI available in mobile handsets in the very near future.

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Iogear Releases USB-Based Wireless HD Video Streaming Kit

Wireless kits are latest rage in the consumer A/V market it seems, as almost every company that has anything remotely to do with a/v is churning out plug and play solutions for wireless HD video. Iogear has become the latest to join those companies by releasing its own solution. It is yet another plug and play solution that has the two part transmitter and receiver setup. But it is not completely like what we have seen so far in the market.

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WHDI Against The Rest: A Look The Technology

Early last month, we had a nice surprise come our way in the email. The Chairman & CEO of Amimon (the company behind WHDI) — Yoav Nissan Cohen —  dropped us a line to give us a thumbs up and forwarded some of his personally created material for the presentation he gave at the Nikkei Symposium this year. So this week, we are taking some time out to take a look at one of the most promising Wireless HD standards in the market — WHDI.

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Intel WiDi V/S Asus WiCast: Battle For A Wireless World


The Asus WiCast is one of the multiple plug and play options out in the market right now that are challenging Intel’s built in WiDi technology. And it is no one but Intel’s fault that they are leaving so many chinks in their technology for their competition to fill in. So let’s look at the major differences in the two technologies and who wins out against whom.

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