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Intel Is Trying To Get Its WiDi In To Tablets

Intel is pretty bullish about getting into the portable segment in a big way, but so far they have only been able to realize that goal in terms of laptops and netbooks. When it comes mobile devices like modern smarpthones and tablets — ARM still rules the roost. Intel has been trying to get into ARM’s turf with Atom for quite some time now and this time they are trying a different approach that involves their WiDi wireless streaming technology.

After integrating WiDi into multiple laptops, Intel is planning to bring it to tablets as well. The main advantage for the consumer would be that they would be able to stream content from their PC to their tablets and walk around the house with you.

But right now, getting a WiDi enabled laptop is not the only thing that a consumer needs to get the whole laptop to tv streaming happening. They need to buy a Netgear adapter for $100 to attach to their TV and complete the whole connection.

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WHDI’s Viability In A Market Full Of Competition

The recent series of demonstrations that Amimon conducted of their WHDI dongle, made sure that a lot more people are now playing close attention to WHDI’s development in the newly emergent Wireless HD video content streaming market.

The renewed effort from Amimon to make technology popular has highlighted the fact that it is in fact very flexible in how it works and that it is also extremely capable at replacing wired HDMI connections. In a direct parallel to the disastrous lag issues in Intel’s WiDi (based on the WiFi Plus standard), the WHDI protocol has almost no lag at all for human beings.

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New NVIDIA GPU To Support Wireless Video Streaming

Intel [NASDAQ:INTC] already has WiDi in the works to take care of onboard streaming capabilities. But that is not all that available right now. So what we have here is a new GPU from the NVIDIA [NASDAQ:NVDA] stable that will be able to wireless stream video.

Popular card maker Galaxy is at it again, showing off a new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 card that has Amimon’s WHDI technology onboard in order to wireless stream video to your nearest HDMI ready TV screen. We have covered them in the past and it seems like there is a no dearth in their enthusiasm about their card. But there is a lack of information about the whole thing.

There is no details on the pricing of this card as of yet but they have finally announced a tentative shipping schedule. The Galaxy GTX460 WHDI card is supposed to start shipping towards the end of this month. So it should at least be here by Christmas, given that they are still very vague about things. Expect for this to be at quite the premium when it releases.

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Brite-View Unveils 1080p PC-To-TV Wireless Streaming Kit

Brite-View has brought out its third pct-to-tv 1080p HD content wireless streaming kit and this one is called HDelight. If your desktop or laptop or even netbook has an HDMI out, you will be able to streams its contents wirelessly to an HDTV.

The technology that Brite-Viwe has used for this is WHDI. So it looks like despite of efforts from WiGig and WirelessHD to overshadow everyone else in the market, the WHDI makers are getting some deals through.

The Brite-View HDelight, like most other such wireless HD streaming kits in the market, is a completely plug n’ play solution. You do not need to install in additional software and HDMI outs from even Blu Ray players are supported. So investing in a pair would mean that you can put it to good use around the house.

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AMIMON Introduces Compact WHDI Transmitter

In our previous post we wrote about new Galaxy GTX 460 video card supporting wireless HD via WHDI (Wireless HD technology). And today we got news from AMIMON about even better way to connect PC to HD television using wireless technology. It is called WHDI stick – a dongle inserted into HDMI port which is capable of transmitting uncompressed 5Gbps HD signal up to 30 meters and with less than millisecond latency.

It is hard to say how the actual production device will look like in its final form since it is only available as prototype (even in prototype form it already looks quite small and similar in size to USB flash drive). To receive the signal on the TV side you will need a receiver box which is similar in size to wireless router and could be placed behind the television. Read more »

WHDI Geforce GTX 460 from Galaxy Microsystems gets release date, more pictures

Some time back we covered news about Galaxy Microsystems coming out with new video card with WHDI support. Finally we know that this video card will be GTX 460 and it will go out to the market this October.

Now instead of getting expensive HDMI cables and putting them all around the house you can just get WHDI receiver, plug it into your TV and have HD video transferred from your PC up to 30 meters of distance. Also you’ll get less than 1 millisecond of latency for the HD video so you’ll be able not only watch video but also play PC games from on your HD screen. One issue that concerns me here is that for playing video games you will need to get wireless mouse and keyboard which even with bluetooth connection are limited to ~10 meters. Still I guess gaming setup should work within one floor as far as your walls are not blocking wireless connection.

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