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Wisair Wireless USB PC To HD TV Kit

This is a wireless PC to HDTV connector kit called the Wisair Wireless USB A/V Adapter Set. It is yet another one of those plug and play solutions that will plug into any notebook/desktop trough USB/VGA and will transmit the image/video to an HDTV located somewhat far apart through HDMI. It comes in the typical transmitter/receiver pair.

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Wireless HD Market To Have Exponential Growth Rate In 2014

If you have been looking at the wireless HD market, it is hard to miss that the things have slowed down since the beginning. The market is simply not growing. The wireless chip vendors have thus slowed down development and are looking for ways to recover their initial investment. But, it looks like their fate will change soon. A report from researchers at In-Stat suggests that the market is going to progress to a triple digit growth rate in the next five years.

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ASUS Releases WHDI Kit For Your Home

Asus (Asustek) [TPE:2357] has announced that they are going to release a wireless HD transmission kit for homes called the WiCast EW-2000 Wireless Full HD Transmission Kit. It will be able to send out 1080p video and the accompanying audio from any HD equipped netbook,notebook or PC to any HDTV through HDMI.

As usual, the transmission has two parts — the transmitter and the receiver. WiCast uses WHDI to transmit the HD signals over the air. The whole set up is quite straight forward. The user just has to plug the transmitter into the computer ports and the receiver in to the HDMi port of the HDTV that is connected to the home theatre system. And voila! You have your netbook/PC HD video content streaming on your TV.

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Galaxy Outs Image WHDI-Enabled GTX 460, Speculations Follow

Earlier this year, we reported about Galaxy bringing out the world’s first WHDI enabled graphics card. And now it seems like Galay is following it up with tantalizing images of such a graphics card in the pixels. The image above looks clearly like a 3D render of a graphics card that is to come and a lot of things are intriguing about it.

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