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Wireless HD Technologies Are Slow To Arrive

Wireless HD technologies and standards are developing rather slowly and will take their own sweet time to reach you — says research firm In-Stat. They are of the opinion that the three major players in the market are rather slow to evolve and that is mainly because majority of the development is still quite new, having happened in the later half of last year.

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Amimon Demonstrates 3D HD Video Over WHDI

Amimon Inc., even though mainly a manufacturer, is always connected with the WHDI standard. In the face of stiff competition from standards like WiGig and WirelessHD, WHDI has recently stepped up their effort to remain in the market. In recent times, the wireless HD protocols have been adapting to various other standards (like WiFi), in order to remain ahead. In the light of this, Amimon has used the WHDI protocol to wireless transmit 3D HD video at a 24fps frame rate.

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Planex Brings Wireless HDMI Adapter, Frees Your Video Setup

Planex has brought something that can be seen as the missing link to a lot of video set up. It is a wireless HDMI adapter that bridges a HDMI box with a HDTV through a 60GHz wireless link. Based on 60GHz Wireless HD standards, this will bridge almost any HDMI signal producing device and an HDTV or similar HDMI accepting video output. The applications are of course endless and hence this device should see some adoption in the market. That is, of course, given that the set up is trouble free as well.

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Vizio Releases 5.1 Surround Soundbar Wireless HD Audio Home Theatre Solutions

Vizio seems to finally have come of age in the Wireless HD entertainment market. They have recently releases a true 5.1 surround Home theatre setup with multiple wireless HD audio mount points that give you a truly flexible set up that escapes the unsightly mess of audio cables running everywhere. Their flagship Soundbar line has two models and both have wireless HD audio mount points. Each Soundbar, sub-woofer and headphone is wirelessly mounted and hence can be set up with complete independence without having to sacrifice audio quality.

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New Report On High Speed Wireless Connectivity Highlights High Definition Video As The Mainstay For Now

A freshly updated study called “Wireless Video Connectivity – A WTRS Q2 2010 Report” looks carefully at the newly emergent high speed wireless market. According to it, new wireless high definition video standards like WiDi, WiGig and WHDI — are the main application of high speed wireless connectivity as of now. Even though high speed wireless technologies have been developed with other applications in mind as well, high definition video seems to the most lucrative right now.

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Intel Wireless Display Now Available On 25 Systems

Intel [NASDAQ:INTC] has stated that their Intel Wireless Display (IWD) technology is now available on 25 different systems. Most of these systems are running on the new Core i3 or Core i5 CPU’s and are available from multiple manufacturers. Intel has named Asustek (the company behind Asus computers), Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba as being the manufacturers using this technology in their products. Looking at that list, it is easy to see that 25 is a really small number, given the number of new models these companies bring to the market each year/ The adoption rate has been pretty slow and IWD is still slightly obscure in the wireless video market.

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