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Antrica Release Full HD Video Over IP At 1080p60 Quality, Slightly Late To The Party?`

A company called Antrica has released a board level solution for sending video over IP. They seem to be a fairly news company who are focussed on providing local area solutions for private video streaming needs. Their boards seem to have a good set of specifications to back up the company’s claims but it seems like the whole attempt is a bit too late. With standards like WHDI, WirelessHD and WiGig battling it out in the market, small and relatively unknown startups like Antrica have a very low probability of seeing any siginificant success. Still, their products are worth having a look at.

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WHDI To Support 3D And 4K, Mobile Support On The Cards

The WHDI SIG (Special Interest Group) has declared that the specification will have support for 3D technology, thus allowing you to stream your favorite 3D flick on to your 3D enabled HDTV without cables. Also, given the the up and coming integration efforts to being WHDI to desktops and laptops, we might also see 3D gaming being channeled via WHDI. And there’s more coming.

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iSuppli Predicts Consumer Electronics Boom Via Wireless Video Interface Solutions

Given the frenetic pace at which development is taking place to bring about ubiquitous wireless video interfaces, it is no wonder that iSuppli Corp is predicting a boom coming in the Consumer Electronics (CE) sector thanks to video-oriented products that also have some kind of wireless video interfacing solution.

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Galaxy Brings World’s First WHDI-Enabled Graphics Card

This was bound to happen at one point of time or another. Here you have a great short range, wireless high definition media broadcasting technology like WHDI and you have so many people thinking about using it in creative ways with their computers. Galaxy has brought out a graphics card that lets you do just that.

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