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New SiBEAM Chipset Could TurboCharge Wireless HD Video

SiBeam has brought out a new chip that supports both WirelessHD and the WiGig standard. SiBeam’s WirelessHD chips that operate at 60GHz, have been shipping since 2008. It is the new version that has hardware onboard to support both specifications. The new chip is called SB8110 and the accompanying development kit is called SK8100.

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WiFi & WiGig Team Up

The WiFi Alliance (the group that is resposible for controlling the WiFi Standard) has teamed up with the team behind WiGig — the WiGig alliance. The WiGig Alliance is a forum that was formed last year and has the combined the might of Inte [NASDAQ:INTC], Broadcom [NASDAQ:BRCM] and Atheros [NASDAQ:ATHR] — all large chip makers in their own right. While we know what WiFi is, WiGig is a standard that will transmit HD Video across short distances at a rate of 7Gbps. Hence the name WiGig. And this joint force has some major implications for the industry.

WiGig’s main competitors at the moment are WirelessHD makers SiBeam and WHDI makers Amimon. Both are reatively new to the field and have nothing that will back them up in the face of such a threat. However, each technology has its own benefits to showcase. WHDI’s utilization of the 5GHz spectrum ensures that the signal is clear across multiple rooms — an advantage that the 60Ghz spectrum using standards do not have. SiBeam in the meantime has decided that it will make chips that will have both WirelessHD and WHDI support.

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WHDI Chip Maker Amimon Ships Half A Million Chips

Amimon, the Israel based chip makers, have issued a statement that reports that they have moved over half a million wireless media streaming IC chips already. According to them, the company has been experience a surge in the demand for IC’s that are used to make WHDI devices to wirelessly transceive 1080p HD resolution video over a short distance.

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