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Netgear Launched Wireless HD Home Theatre Kit At CeBit 2010, Germany

CeBit this year, like every year, is spilling over with new gear announcements. And amongst those announcements is an announcement from Netgear that has caught my attention. This is about their new Wireless HD Home Theatre Kit. They are boasting that it can play back “multiple jitter-free 1080p HD video and audio streams to every room in the house flawlessly, and at double the performance and range of solutions in the market today”.

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Cisco’s Top Brass Heads Over To RFaxis Advisory Board

Malachy Moynihan

RFaxis is a fabless semiconductor company that designs chips mostly for wireless applications. They have innovative and useful solutions for wireless and connectivity markets that serve a lot of common applications that we see in today’s technology and that includes WHDI. And they have announced recently that one of  Cisco’s top personnel, Malachy Moynihan, will be joining the RFaxis board of advisors.

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Intel’s Wi-Di With Netgear Push2TV Appears on Toshiba Laptop, Streams Screen Contents To HDTV

This is is yet another content streaming system for viewing your content on an HDTV. It is called the Netgear Push2Tv and it has recently appeared bundled with a new Toshiba laptop — the Satellite E205-S1904. Push2TV is essentially a simple way to wirelessly stream content to your HDTV from your computer.

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$36.5M Funding Channeled to SiBEAM For Marketing WHDI Competitor

Whist WHDI is happily making in roads into the market as the future standard for the newly emerging Wireless HD media streaming solutions, there are several competitors in the market. One of them is WirelessHD and a company called SiBEAM recently got a funding of $36.5 million to market WirelessHD chipsets.

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LG Next-Gen Infinia TVs Inch Closer To Release

As we look forward to a positive deluge of devices enabled with WHDI and some other other wireless HD technologies, LG is moving forwarf towards the shipping of the new LG Infinia TVs. These TVs made quite a buzz at CES this year and they are full of technologies that will make your TV viewing experience like nothing before.

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