Sunday, 23 of November of 2014

Which City is the Best to Become a Billionaire? has come out with an interesting article on the World’s billionaires based on research carried out by U.K.-based luxury magazine Spear’s and research company WealthInsight. They state that most of the world’s billionaires are born in a particular city of the world. And the number of billionaires in these two cities is far more than any other city of the world. Here is a snapshot of the article.

More billionaires have been born in New York City than in any other city in the world, according new research by U.K.-based luxury magazine Spear’s and research company WealthInsight.

One in forty of the world’s billionaires were born in the American city – more than double the next most prolific billionaire-producing cities, London and Moscow.

According to data from WealthInsight’s database of 100,000 high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), New York produced a whopping 52 of the worlds’ billionaires, followed by Moscow with 22 and London at 21.
“New York not only tops the list for billionaire birth rates, it was also the birthplace of the world’s first billionaire, John D. Rockefeller,” said WealthInsight analyst Oliver Williams in a statement.

“Today, more billionaires were born in New York than any other city in the world, proving that the Big Apple has enjoyed almost a century of inspiring successful future entrepreneurs.”

Although the birthplaces of the world’s HNWIs span the globe, on a country-specific level it was far more concentrated.

Some 40 percent of the U.K.’s billionaires where born in London, and almost 20 percent of the U.S.’ billionaires hail from New York.

The Big Apple’s topping the list for billionaire births came as no surprise to Spear’s Editor Josh Spero, who said in a statement: “If you’re going to be an entrepreneur or an innovator, there are few better places.”



The Kindle Conundrum: Should you Buy the Digital stuff or Rent?

Amazon announced Kindle Unlimited on last Friday for $9.99 a month, with unlimited access to some 600,000 titles.  By adding this all-you-can-read service to the Kindle store, Amazon has provided an opportunity to examine an ongoing digital quandary: Should you buy or rent the stuff you want to watch, read or hear?

It is yours if you want to buy.  Many books, music and movies sites “sell” you.  The content that has “digital rights management” rigid restrictions on it.  These constraints make a purchase like a lease:  You will be given some rights to the content, but you don’t own it.

The new Kindle Owners’ lending library suffers from a limited selection.  But while Kindle Unlimited with a cost of $9.99 a month- if you subscribe to Amazon Prime- your local library demands no unnecessary extra payments.

Amazon looks good as a digital purveyor.  Surely its brand new all-you-can read program will be pro-consumer.

Microsoft Tops Revenue Forecast

Microsoft beat all the revenue expectations of the Wall Street but it fell short on the profits in its fiscal fourth quarter results.  This is the first since the company’s new CEO Satya Nadella outlined his directions for the company and disclosed that almost 18.000 employees will be layoff from the company.

Nadella and Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood spoke about direction their company is taking in the fiscal year 2015, especially on the cloud and productivity offering.

Microsoft reported a revenue of $23.38 for the first quarter which ended on June 30, net income of $4.61 billion and earnings per share of 55 cents.

Analysts were expecting a $23.01 billion revenue report from Microsoft, a profit of $5.04 billion and 60 cents of earnings per share according to the Bloomberg survey of analysts.

Microsoft’s general manager of investors relations, Chris Suh says the lower-than-expected earnings per share of Microsoft reflects the fact that it was not offered the guidance on the impact of its acquisition of Nokia’s phone business.



Amazon Wallet App Released

Amazon has launched a new app called Amazon Wallet ahead of the release of its first smartphone in the US.

In the US version of the Amazon Appstore and the Google Play Store, the new app is available as a free download.

Amazon Wallet is an app for making mobile payments.  It is still beta at the moment and appears to be with light features.

All UCS customers can store their loyalty and gift card information on the new Wallet app and access it when required.  The facility to store credit or debit card details on it is not available on it still and you cannot make actual mobile payment through it.

The app is going to be useful for those whose physical Wallets are crowded with store cards.  The app allows you to scan the details of each card using the camera on your phone.  The card can be stored as a QR code, barcode or a digital image.  Your card details can also be stored from your computer which will then appear on the phone’s Amazon Wallet app.

Save $50 with the best Deal on Kindle Fire HDX

Amazon is offering a nice deal on their own tablets.  The Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch with 16 GB storage, Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch with 64 GB storage and the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9-inch are all on sale now.  Some tablets are offered at $50 off, which is a decent deal right now.  Although the new Kindle Fire tablets are due to see, although they have announced a Kindle Fire every fall for the last three years.  All  new Ultra-fast 2.2GHz quad-core processor-3x powerful than the tablets of the previous generation with a RAM of 2GB and Adreno 330 GPU for fast and fluid gaming as well as video.  The introduction of “Mayday” button is revolutionary, which is an on-device tech support exclusively for Kindle Fire HDX tablets. 

Connect to Amazon for support 24 x 7, 365 days a year.  You can stay productive with ultra-fast web browsing, updated e-mail and built-in Officesuite and calendar support for Outlook, Gmail and more.

Amazon Offers to Donate the Proceeds of Hachette Book to Charity

Amazon has offered Authors United, a group of writers who are protesting against the online retailing giant because of its dispute with the group of Hachette Book, a new deal to restock all HBG titles and donate the proceeds from the sales to a literacy charity. 

Douglas Preston, an author behind a letter which has been signed by about 1,000 authors, told that the he had been called by Amazon’s V.P of Kindle content, Russ Grandinetti to discuss the new proposal.

Amazon has offered previously 100% of the revenue from their e-book sales.

The new offer of Grandinetti would involve Amazon going back to stocking up of all the HBG titles and authors will be paid standard rates of royalty.  He has also proposed that the earnings of e-book sales would be donated to an agreed upon literacy charity.

Microsoft Cortana to land in China this Week

Microsoft’s virtual assistant for windows phone Cortana will be launched in China this week.  Microsoft have sent invites with a Microsoft Cortana logo to an event in China on the 30th July.

Microsoft previously said that Cortana will be launched in China regions after it would be launched in the UK and Chinese version of Cortana could get a new name called “Huna” in China.

Microsoft announced earlier that Windows platform across all devices will be unified including desktop, tablets, notebook, Xbox console and Windows Phone handset.

There were rumours previously that Microsoft intends to expand Microsoft Cortana beyond Windows Phone to other devices which could come as a part of the new unified Windows experience.

There is no information on when Windows Phone will get Cortana in the UK.  It is a known fact that UK mobile carrier O2 will add service to their Windows Phone device in the fourth quarter, let’s hope that Cortana will be released in UK before Q4.

Apple’s ‘phablet ’iPhone Release Delayed: 5.5 Inch And Set Will Not be Sold Till 2015

iPhone 6, Apple’s ‘phablet’ will not launch until 2015, analysts have claimed.  They firmly believe that Apple is facing problems in the manufacturing of case and screen of the handset and only 4.7 inch version will be launched this year.

It is expected that the new handset will have a new ‘indestructible sapphire glass screen.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, said that Apple face problem during the production of smaller handset, according to 9to5mac.

Color unevenness is an issue under the new manufacturing process for the metal casing of iPhone 6 and according to analysts, this problem may become more complicated with the larger iPhone 6 of 5.5 inches.

The new concerns about the iPhone 6 are coupled with the earlier concerns of sapphire display production for the larger devices and analysts strongly believe that iPhone 5.5-inch may not launch by the end of 2014 or it may launch in limited quantities after October.

Apple denies iPhones are a National Security Threat to China

The Chinese state broadcaster has made allegations the location-tracking function of iPhone poses a ‘National security threat’. Apple has denied the allegation.

Apple replied for the allegation on its Chines website stating that the firm has never worked with any country’s government agency to create a backdoor in any of its services or products.

It has also stated that “We have also never allowed access to our servers and we never will.  It’s something we feel very strongly about.”

The head of the online security institute at People’s Public Security, University of China, Ma Ding has reported recently on China Central Television – the state-owned television broadcaster that the location function of iPhone can collect data and may result in leakage of secrets of the state.

The “frequent locations” tracking function of the iPhone is used to record the locations which are frequently visited in order to speed up the applications that show a user’s location for speeding up the application that show the location of the user or for getting driving directions to avoid traffic.

Apple says that the information of personal location is solely stored on the smartphone and is protected by the user with a password and it is not shared with third parties.

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited is Not Expected to be Launched in the UK, to be Only Launched in US

It seems that UK will miss out on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited plan. Kindle subscription service for books is launched in the US, which will work like Netflix or Spotify, but only for books.  In US, Kindle Unlimited is available for $9.99 (about £6) per month. 

However, here is an interesting statistic. Amazon does not have a good track record of delivering the products quickly what it launches in the US.

Kindle Unlimited might prove to be an underwhelming service.  Amazon boasts that The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Life of Pi will be available on the Kindle Unlimited, but five big publishers Penguin, Random House, HarperCollins, Simon and Schuster and Macmillan have declined to make their titles on Kindle Unlimited.  This means the service will lack the old favourites and much awaited new books.

Amazon is paying a wholesale fee to the publishers who are participating and indie authors will only be offered a percentage of the pool of money.